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Old 10-13-2014, 12:01 AM   #26
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Originally Posted by toyota86 View Post
I'm one of those people that detest the current dealership model. I'm one of those people that knows exactly what I want and exactly how much I'm willing to pay. Almost every new/used dealership I've dealt doesn't seem to understand this. I don't know what the proper procedures are but it seems to falter when dealing with people like me.

In the ideal world, I want to be able to buy a car like I buy from a vending machine, online shop, or a grocery store. No salesman. I'll do my own research, if I like it, and the price tag is right, I'll proceed with checkout. All the physical store needs are lot attendant that puts the cars back after test drive, some guy that does custom factory orders, some finance guys at the checkout counter.

In the current model, as a customer, I want this:

- Tell me straight up if the car I want is your inventory or not. When dealing with brand new, when can you bring it in the EXACT car I spec'd. I don't want to be up sold something similar or more expensive unless I asked to be.

- I want final pricing like I would if I went to buy a loaf of bread from the store. I don't care about shipping, pdi, doc, enviro, or other hidden mark up fees. Luring me in with a low price only to tack on a bunch of fees after will just make me irritated.

- Negotiations to be done on the out the door, all included, price.

- Simple yes and no answers are welcomed. Too many salesmen beat around the bush and go in circles. I don't know if this is part of the sop but its annoying.

- Don't waste my time and I won't waste yours. I don't want to see another episode of I have to speak with my manager first.

- As always, pressure tactics don't work. If I'm busy, I will walk. If I'm free, I will troll.
I am exactly like you when I am buying something that I am interested in. I just want my product, exactly as advertised, with no surprises and I'm not interested in being upsold or screwed around with.

Believe it or not, people like us SHOULD BE the easiest people to deal with, however in reality we are PRICK customers of the car sales world, because if shit isn't EXACTLY how we want it, we are unhappy. If the salesperson makes any sort of mistake in finding product, or explaining exactly how they are able to get that product for you, they have very little chance to save the deal. On top of that, customers like us usually have a good idea of what kind of deal we can get on a vehicle = which leaves very little money for the salesperson. You can see how a rookie might jump all over a customer like this, and then totally fuck everything up with a simple miscommunication or misunderstanding.

Customers like us need to be extremely patient with rookie salespeople, or specifically ensure we only deal with experience salespeople.
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Old 10-13-2014, 12:28 AM   #27
racing & tech mod.
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Originally Posted by LP700-4 View Post
I'd make internet sales a priority. In this day and age most people that buy cars already know exactly what they want and done their homework regarding the car. I'd only need the sales to go over numbers and negotiate a price, followed by a in person test drive.
Internet sales are absolutely a HUGE part of any dealership. The problem is that it is EXTREMELY time consuming in relation to how many 'real' customers you can get out of it. Working out of a store in North Van, only half of my internet leads where from the lower mainland. The other half were from all over BC with leads trying to 'price shop' their local dealers.

Some dealerships I hate when I email asking for a detailed quote and possible negotiations and all they do is reply with come in and we'll talk. As if im going to drive an hour just to be told that they can't do my price.
There is a reason for this.

If you get an internet sales lead for a price quote, any discount you give is only giving away profit from the dealer closest to the customer.

You live in Chilliwack. You email my North Vancouver store for a discounted quote on an F150. I give you my dead cost +$xxx. You walk into the Chilliwack store with my email and they sell you their almost identical truck for the same price. I never see or hear from you again. What did I do wrong? I played YOUR game. No experienced salesperson is going to play this game with you.

My favorite response to these types of emails is "If I give you a discounted price, why wouldn't you just take that offer to your closest dealer and have them match it?" I have never been given a believable answer to this.

In reality, most salespeople don't waste their time with emails asking for nothing but a detailed 'lowest price quote' on a specific vehicle UNLESS we are the ONLY dealer in the area that has that exact car in stock, and then it's unlikely that it would discounted by much, and if the dealer is smart, they would put a dealer trade hold on that vehicle, forcing the potential customer to come to their lot to see the specific vehicle, or change vehicles to one that is available to them locally.

The only time it's acceptable for a salesperson to send out lowball quotes to strangers is when they are a fleet manager and they have experience selling to businesses and government.

^EDIT - This is ALL talking about NEW inventory.

USED cars is a different story.. there is far more likely chance to negotiate long distance when the car in question is unique.
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Old 10-13-2014, 07:09 AM   #28
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Originally Posted by Rich Sandor View Post
I don't know that I would agree that there are "many many" jobs like yours available - and I would think those sorts of 'dream sales jobs' require some specific education or experience to get hired. If not, point me in the right direction and I will work my ass off for a steady paycheque. (as I am doing now in a non-sales role)
This further proves my point. A good salesperson would easily find these jobs and would still be selling, though different product for a different sector. They aren't dream jobs, they are very much a large reality of the Corporate world, and you do work your ass off to get there and to stay there. All you need to have is unfaltering dedication and business acumen to be successful.

The rest work at car lots till they quit, then they bitch about working at car lots and say that the 'SALES' world is a mean, mean place.
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