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Old 05-05-2015, 09:05 PM   #1
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Desk Job - Eye Sight

My job entails me to look at 2 x Monitors everyday 8 hours+ a day. The desk is designed where I can't put the monitors flat side by side and can only go in a "V" angle. Stupid ass design.

I noticed my eyes sight is becoming worse since I started this job 4 years ago. Any tips to reduce eyes becoming worse or make it get better?

I've started to get way from my desk a few times a day to prevent sitting there non-stop staring at the screens and started to eat more carrots.

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Old 05-05-2015, 09:43 PM   #2
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Desk Job - Eye Sight

I know that feeling. I have been dispatching for years. What do you do exactly? Do you have to keep staring at the monitors constantly? I like to lean back and stare out my window at the clouds and other objects in the distance whenever its dead. It's really helped me.
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Old 05-06-2015, 11:57 AM   #3
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Just get up and walk around every so often.

There really isn't much one can do for eyesight, just make sure you're not squinting/make sure there isn't any glare that makes it harder on your eyes.

(I use 3x24" monitors for 8+ hours/day)
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Old 05-06-2015, 12:44 PM   #4
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Try to avoid looking at your computer at home. That's a good start. Try to get up every hour for a few minutes like getting water, washroom or just short walk around the office.
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Old 05-06-2015, 06:00 PM   #5
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I used to sit in front of 3x24" monitors for 10-12 hours/day. No way around it so I go to wash room, go for stretch, grab a drink (coffee/water), find co workers and talk to them at their desk, go outside. Not sure if your job lets you do all those things but it is what I did.
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Old 05-06-2015, 06:15 PM   #6
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When I had a desk job my eyes took a beating too

Avoid as much screen time as possible after work ( phone , computer , tv)

Close your eyes 10-15 seconds every now and then (job permitting) and excersise your eyes by doing zig zags, circles clockwise circles counterclockwise

Or if you have the luxury get coffee water stretch etc as people have already stated

Protect your eyes! Can't see titties without them

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Old 05-06-2015, 07:46 PM   #7
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I look at tiny numbers on spreadsheets all day long.

I do get up every so often to get way from the monitor screen; but, sometimes its gets so busy I get carried away and sit there for hours without getting up.
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Old 05-10-2015, 07:38 AM   #8
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I'm in the same boat, I stare at 2 monitors 9-11 hours everyday. For the first little while it really bothered my eyes they would get so sore. I don't know if my body has adjusted or what but it really doesn't bother me that much anymore. I do try and get up probably every hour for a couple minutes.

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Old 05-10-2015, 10:49 AM   #9
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I had a real hard time wearing contact lenses and doing work in front of a computer for 8+ hrs a day. I stopped wearing contacts to work.

Best advice is to take a few small breaks and rest your eyes.
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Old 05-10-2015, 11:36 AM   #10
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I just sit far back from the screen. And look out the window every few minutes. Make the resolution slightly lower. Best thing is to walk around a bit though, give your body a stretch, gives your eyes a break, chat up the hotties on your floor, etc.

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Old 05-10-2015, 12:28 PM   #11
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Wow, I guess I should consider myself lucky. I wear my contacts 24/7 for many months without taking them out, and use this set up at work, and I never have problems with my eyes getting tired or uncomfortable such that I need to look away or take a break from the screens.

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Old 05-10-2015, 12:28 PM   #12
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I do know that somepeople who are in the same boat and they actually only wear glasses at work when at the computer Computer Glasses -

They can help with the combination of what everyone else has said to.
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