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Athletics, Hockey, Soccer, basketball, organize games/events, aerobics, nutritional supplements. Also the home for sports and sports entertainment threads.

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Old 09-25-2015, 10:40 AM   #1
RS controls my life!
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Workout Weekly Challenge (2)

Hey guys,

I really liked the idea RRxtar had years ago, and later taken up by Berzerker, to have a weekly fitness challenge.

Every week I'll try to put up a new challenge, the idea is to inspire people to try something new and push eachother! Most likely they will be basic movements or simple variations. However, I am definitely interested in including suggestions from everyone! Hopefully we can balance out the challenges for big and small guys alike.

It will be entirely for fun and bragging rights. Posting a video with your score isn't necessary, however, it is preferred!

Let's start it off by what I believe was the most popular challenge from the original thread!!!


Week 1: Sunday September 27 - Sunday October 4

Challenge: SQUATS (*with your body weight worth of weight, including the bar). as many as you can in a row

  • Do as many full squats as you can in a row without stopping.
  • The bar must stay on your back during attempt, no re-racking the weight
  • Must go to below parallel or deeper (ATG).
Why?: The squat is the king of all exercises!

*eg. if you weigh 170lbs. bar (45) + 45x2 (90) + 10x2 (20) + 5x2 (10) +2.5x2 (5) = 170lbs

(There are metric tons of videos on how to squat.. I chose one)

Post up your body weight, along with your result for comparison too

This is strictly for fun, so use your own honor and don't cheat.



RRxtar started this post in 2011:

This challenge was first done SUNDAY AUGUST 21 TO SATURDAY AUGUST 28 in 2011. The results:

Fcukedd - 42 @ 155lb
PK6o4 - 33 @ 130lbs
Berzerker 29 @ 200lbs
RRxtar - 24 @ 185lbs
Matlock - 22 @ 188
PUPPY - 22 @ 145 lbs
BlueG2 - 20 @160
mkings - 20 @ 120
HALOGOD - 18 @ 240lbs
JSilver 18 @ 157lbs
AAnthony - 15 @ 173lbs
Proshift - 15 @ 185lbs
strykn - 14 @225lbs
keepz - 14 @ 205
jeffh - 13 @ 170lbs
dhillon09 - 8 @ 225lbs

Berzerker later brought this challenge up November 3rd - November 10th 2011. The results:

DaFonz 32 @ 170
Berz 27 @ 200 (previous 29)
Strykn 25 @ 215 (previous 14 huge increase)
hud_91gt 25 @ 185
JD13 23 @ 205
HaloGod 22 @ 240 (previous 18)
AAnthony 20 @ 172 (previous 15)
Phozy 13 @ 125
AME_VIP 10 @ 200
Subordinate 2 @ 185
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Old 09-25-2015, 11:03 AM   #2
RS controls my life!
Join Date: Jun 2002
Location: Vancouver
Posts: 745
Thanked 557 Times in 180 Posts
Nerded out a bit the other day on the old thread, thinking about future challenges etc...

I'd love to have your guys input and to give some context/ideas here is a list of previous challenges:
  1. Pull ups for reps (Pronated grip)
  2. Bodyweight squats for reps
  3. Bodyweight bench press for reps
  4. 1/2 bodyweight military press for reps
  5. 1/2 bodyweight dumbbell hold for time
  6. Weak arm dumbbell row for reps
  7. Wide grip pull ups for reps
  8. Dips for reps
  9. Chin ups for reps (Supinated grip)
  10. Bodyweight dumbbell bench press for reps
  11. Dead hang from pullup bar for time
  12. 1/2 bodyweight seated military press for reps

Some ideas I've had:
  • Push ups for reps
  • Handstand for time (mod; feet against wall)
  • Deadlift for reps (This is tricky.. was thinking 1.5 bodyweight)
  • Situps in a minute
  • Burpees in a set amount of time
  • 3/4 bodyweight lunges for reps
  • Max Box jump (could be an issue in terms of access to equipment)
  • Vertical jump
  • KB Farmer carry
  • 1RepMax bench/deadlift/backsquat using sinclair or other indexing formula
  • Rowing for time

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