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Vacations and World Travel Visiting our beautiful city? Come stay at the Arbutus Vista - Vancouver's Bed & Breakfast.
How was your trip? Which tour packages would you recommend/avoid? Must do's and must eats? Share tips, photos and experiences with other senior RS members who just want to get away..

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Old 11-13-2015, 03:29 AM   #1
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Backpacking SE Asia

Im heading to Asia this spring as a part of a downhill skateboard trip with a dozen of my friends/team mates. The end goal is to meet up in Cebu, Philippines around April 1st for the start or the tour/race. My plan is to leave a earlier and backpack around South East Asia with possibly one other friend. Im trying to stick to cities where I have friends since I just want to hang out with the locals, skating & explore all day, partying all night.

So my journey looks like it's starting in Hong Kong - cheapest flight I could find for a couple days then to Thailand where I'll start my land journey to Vietnam for a couple weeks to see family. After Vietnam I'll to fly to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia for a couple days then to Cebu where I'll meet up with everyone. Our trip is suppose to consist of 3 weeks, then everyone is headed back home but I plan to stay around for longer to explore the Philippines. No plans for Philippines yet, I may travel up down to General Santos to visit friends then back up to Manilla - I heard manilla is a pretty dangerous place to be as a foreigner since there's major slums and ghettos.

Im looking for tips when traveling through cities, things to avoid, things to do, how to pack.

My biggest worry is from Thailand to Vietnam; Ill be staying with a friend in Bangkok but after that Ill be on my own until I reach family in Vietnam. Im pretty scared of being on my own in a foreign country especially rural countryside, mostly just getting scammed, pick pocketed, robbed. I hear police are pretty brutal towards tourist for bribes. I think I have a better chance since Im Asian, I wont stick out as much. I also haven't figured out how Im getting from Bangkok to Hanoi, Anyone familiar with bus routes?

I've been reading a lot of backpacking trips through Asia and it seem's that everyone is capable of surviving on a 40L pack. My plan is get a 45L pack, since I have extra cargo ie. leather suit, full face helmet, wheels. I don't want to go any larger since I prefer carry-on vs check in. Im still unsure of what clothes to pack, Im thinking 7 t-shirts, 7 boxer briefs, 2 shorts, 1 pants, 1 towel, 1 compact sleeping bag. Too little or too much? Does anyone have a recommendation on a pack? Im looking for a pack that can be open from the middle vs top(like a hiking pack), I don't want to have to unpack to reach things at the bottom.

Also how cheap could one possibly live for? I know Hong Kong will be expensive but the other countries not so much? Im pretty constraint on Money and I don't care for expensive touristy activities/fine dining so i'll be fine from that sector. I've budget $500 for 2 months on food which leaves me at around $8/day on food which is more than I expect to spend; aiming for $2-5max a day on food.
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Old 11-13-2015, 07:03 AM   #2
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Depends on how adventurous you are and how down and dirty you're willing to go. For clothes, its probably cheaper to buy what you need over here. Bring extra underwear, socks and an extra pair of shoes. I can't tell you how many times clean dry underwear and socks turned a terrible day into a bearable day. Bring deodorant as you may not be able to shower for days on end. Bring a hat for 2 reasons, one it'll keep you cool and it'll keep you looking reasonably presentable if you don't get a haircut for a few weeks. People are more willing to help you if you look more presentable, so don't look homeless.

Honestly, party less and spend that money on eating better or on necessities you may need along the way. You can't afford to get sick because you want to save a little bit by going cheap. If you're backpacking, you'll be on your feet a lot so you're going to be hungry. Most importantly, have an exit strategy in case any happens and you have to leave immediately.
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Old 11-13-2015, 07:51 AM   #3
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Do everyone a favor and check in your bags if you are going to be tying your skateboard/ full face helmet. I doubt you can pack a skateboard and a full face helmet in a 40l/45L carry unless you are strapping it onto the bag. If that's case then most airlines will simply have to check in your bag due to security. Also don't be the guy who takes up all the space in the over head bin.

You don't need that much clothing. I went back to Beijing in Oct/Nov where it starts to get cold. I only pack 4 T-shirt, 4 pair of underare, 4 pair of socks, a pair of jeans, extra pair of runners. Just wear your most heavy stuff with you. I wear a jacket, shirts.

Bring clothes that's light and easy to dry (UA heat gear series is a good example) try to avoid bringing cotton made clothing since if you are going to washing your clothes you want something that dry very quickly and cotton takes a long time to dry.

Bring as little as possible with you. Remember pretty much all the cities you visit will have supermarkets so you don't really need to bring much with you.
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