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The thin line between love and hate
Mature discussion about understanding the opposite sex...

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Old 12-05-2010, 07:00 PM   #26
My dinner reheated before my turbo spooled
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Saw this on CL, maybe your gf found out already


Yesterday I purchased a phone for my boyfriend for christmas, it turned out that he's a total douchebag and i dont need two phones so im selling it.

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Old 12-07-2010, 09:18 AM   #27
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I think you know what you want to do. People will always give you their opinions, but in the end it's how you decide to act it out that will effect you. Give it some time and think long and hard about the consequences and the rewards before you do something about your situation.
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Old 12-09-2010, 04:38 PM   #28
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Man you know the right answer and you are still asking. Break it of with the almost non exsistant girl B that might as well live in China. Try with girl A even though it probably won't work anymore. Sorry man but once you start looking at the negatives in a relationship they take a turn for the worse. Not what you want to hear but I would start from scratch.
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Old 12-15-2010, 10:15 AM   #29
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Mexico Getaway + mysterious girl = what ever happens in Mexico stays in Mexico.

It ended the moment you got on that plane.

This hits home though for me right here, and im sure for a lot of you guys as well.
I miss the chase and meeting new girls, but I love my girl too much now to fuck shit up lol.

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Old 12-15-2010, 06:21 PM   #30
Rs has made me the man i am today!
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Originally Posted by v.Rossi View Post
^ By car you're losing gas money, time, adding kilometers. By plane you're losing the cost of a flight ticket there and back and your time.

They were both on vacation in Mexico, he couldn't even get a kiss. What makes you think he's gonna get in her with this trip? That's a trip asking for blue balls.
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allow me to clarify. I understood that they are still chattin a storm up over facebook, all infatuated with each other and shit. If this is the case, he should go up there. and I don't mean just show up at the door with his cock in his hand. He should bring up the idea of a visit and see how excited she gets. gauge the interest level. I'm pretty sure if he goes up there for a weekend and plays his cards right, he'll burn through a box of viagra in a weekend.
my buy/sell ratings

Originally posted by Marco911
Must be funny when he sees his psychiatrist for treatment of his delusions of grandeur.

Hyde: "See my black Ferrari parked in the handicapped spot outside your office"
Doctor: "Where? All I see is a Yaris."
Hyde: "It's a Ferrari dammit! LoL! Yaris!?"
Doctor: " I'd appreciate if you didn't park in the handicap spots."
Hyde: "LOL! The ticket is only like $500 bucks. In fact, my dad's factory makes the handicapped street signs. If you look closely at vegetable in the wheelchair, it's really a picture of me when I was born."
Doctor: "Here, come a little closer you won't feel this at all."<Injects 20cc of Haloperidol>
Hyde: "I feel woozy...hey, what did you do to my Ferrari? That's a real piece of shit parked in my spot."
Doctor: "Welcome to reality."
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Old 12-15-2010, 09:00 PM   #31
Where's my RS Christmas Lobster?!
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^ i understand what you're game plan is and what you're saying 100%, if he does play his cards right he could get laid, he could simply make out, he could end up getting nothing. it also depends on the girl, not all girls are willing to put out to any average joe. if you were brad pitt that would be a complete different story.

that being said it's really a chance i don't want to take. there are plenty of girls out there in vancouver, he was on vacation he got burnt. people want what they can't have, that's life. i'm going to repeat, there are plenty of girls out there. why drive hundred miles for her when she's not doing half yet any effort? just because of the drive, you can't simply expect her to put out. mind off the prize, you usually end up with the prize. 90% of the time, men do the chasing. 90% of the time, men get dumped. let the woman chase, i'll acknowledge that takes effort for her, but it takes effort for us men to control ourselves from lavishing them with compliments and having conversations whenever we want. that's what women realize, and that's what they like. SPACE. driving to alberta, to her, seems like the opposite direction in my opinion.
I speak the truth, and nothin' but. If I am wrong, well then there is no right.

Rule 1: You do not talk about Fight Club. Rule 2: You do not talk about Fight Club.
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Old 12-15-2010, 09:06 PM   #32
Where's my RS Christmas Lobster?!
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anyways the 'anonymous' OP pm'd me before making this thread, but obviously since this thread was made he wants other peoples opinion. fair enough, there's really no right or wrong. (read my mission )

this was my advice to him relating his question:

Originally Posted by v.Rossi
haha thanks, i think half the other advice given on revscene are from chumps/nice guys/guys who watch "the oc" or "gossip girl" and try and relate, as if that works...

before i start stay with girl a, stay with girl a, stay with girl a!

a lot of chemistry is subjective, you could be having a good time but she could be at 'meh' mood. i would be asking you why are you hanging out with girl b so much? but since you only have a couple nights in mexico to spare not much you can do, so might as well milk what you can. despite the nice scenary at the beach, always hold off on the kiss until end of the night. though i'm disappointed that you didn't kiss her on the first night, it would have really tell you where things are going, where her interest is at. always close the deal. it's not rushing it, time is also subjective.

eh, it doesn't mean squat when you hear it coming from another person that she likes you. it could have been her friend telling you that girl b likes you only to read your expression, only to later report back to friend, girl b. generally, when a party finds out another party likes them they generally start to like them. placebo effect, fucks with the mind. it's messing with you.

her dodging your kiss was a red flag, a no no, it ain't gonna happen. as a result, it really causes challenge. which is what you're liking, the challenge. i'm guessing she had about 60% interest in you, yours is definitely higher though probably 70-75%. it's why she's still stuck in your head despite the incident. though you think it's higher because of the friends comment, but girls with 80% interest or higher don't exactly play games. like i said, if they like you they make it easy for you.

i don't think you have much in common with girl b, you just met her 3 days before your flight home. while you have been with girl a for 3 weeks, your mind is just interested in girl b from the incident.

don't tell girl a about girl b at all, as obvious as that may sound. people have an urge to tell the other party, confessing. to me if she's happy, good, tell her things that will only make her laugh or raise her interest level. if it doesn't, bite the tongue.

don't tell her how you feel, just thank her for the nice time in mexico and that it was nice meeting her. say you do thank her. so what? she lives in edmonton, don't boost her confidence when it's pointless to. expressing how you feel to a girl is almost like begging indirectly. you're trying to buy her with the sappy and sincerity. it's what nice guys do, don't admit your feelings. i'm sure she knew from the kiss that you were interested. it's pretty blunt.

for now, if you like girl b even though you ain't gonna get any from her. just try practising self-control and not talking to her. don't be too distant it's unfair for girl a, give your attention back to your girlfriend. when you like girl a too much for your own good, go back and see how girl b is doing.
I speak the truth, and nothin' but. If I am wrong, well then there is no right.

Rule 1: You do not talk about Fight Club. Rule 2: You do not talk about Fight Club.
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Old 12-23-2010, 02:10 AM   #33
Welcome to Planet Power ///M
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end it with girl A and save yourself the time, money and hassle of getting her gifts for christmas. seeing how you've only gone out with girl A for 3 weeks, (which is by no means a long time) you've already managed to hit it off and become infatuated with another person. generally the first few months of a relationship is the most passionate, and you've seemingly gotten over that hill when you met girl B. imagine how bored you're going to be of girl A in a few months from now. and not to mention valentines day will be around the corner and it's gonna be $$$.
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