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Armind 09-19-2016 12:13 PM

Any suggestions on where to find furniture that doesn't break the bank?

6o4__boi 09-19-2016 12:30 PM

what kind of furniture are you looking for?

Bed Frames? Couches? Shelves? Dining Tables? Home Furnishing? Office furnishing?

Furniture alley in Coquitlam. Ikea when they have sales events.

Armind 09-19-2016 12:34 PM

Sectional couches and a bed frame.

6o4__boi 09-19-2016 12:43 PM

Couches, I'd browse around Furniture Alley and compare the liquidators with The Brick and other furniture dealers
Most of them are open to some haggling

Bed Frame I'd get from Ikea...or Costco. But Costco varies by season, I don't even know if they have em right now in the warehouses but should be available online.

FWIW, I got my bed frame from Ikea during a bedroom event

Inaii 09-19-2016 12:57 PM

Ikea is too "low brow" for armind.

Armind 09-19-2016 01:06 PM

More like.. too ugly to my liking. #designerproblems

Has anyone check out this place before?

Inaii 09-19-2016 01:13 PM

you're looking up furniture places on facebook? Seriously?

Armind 09-19-2016 01:19 PM

No, someone suggested me that place.

Facebook searching for furniture... what is this. :fuckthatshit:

Inaii 09-19-2016 01:23 PM

Make sure wherever you go that place has option for delivery. A lot of the liquidation places don't, which is why their shit is so cheap (also because it's usually QC issues).

unit 09-19-2016 01:31 PM

i bought my sectional at MOE'S on terminal. no complaints. construction and fabric are good, price was at least $500 less than competitors. For bed frames i say ikea is probably the best. $500 for a fairly nice one that would cost you $1000+ elsewhere.

6o4__boi 09-19-2016 01:38 PM


Originally Posted by Inaii (Post 8789325)
Make sure you have a buddy with a truck who owes you favors or is always down for pizza and beer as a delivery option.


aznkev03 09-19-2016 03:25 PM

Double post

aznkev03 09-19-2016 03:27 PM


Originally Posted by Armind (Post 8789319)
More like.. too ugly to my liking. #designerproblems

Has anyone check out this place before?

I've been there and their stuff isn't very cheap, nor do they have good stuff IMO. I found this guy that imports from China and got my sectional (product number 2436 in espresso brown) from there. Great guy, great prices and has been there for 14 years. Can't speak for longevity yet as I just bought it not long ago but it came with a one year warranty. So far so good though, no knicks or imperfections on delivery that I could find. Very limited selection.

Products | Quality West Sofa Imports

My second choice for a sectional would have been at mobler, but only for their stuff on sale. At regular price their stuff is almost double the price

Spoon 09-19-2016 03:39 PM

How do I get in the furniture business? :derp:

hi-revs 09-19-2016 06:26 PM

Here's a real tip- if you're looking for a couch that you'll be sitting on everyday and want it to last, buy real genuine leather. Not the bonded/vinyl/leather.
Real leather won't come cheap, but it won't fall apart on you after a few years. And I mean literally falling apart...the leather itself will ablctually start flaking off.

I'm not sure what your budget is, but places like the brick and JR won't be selling quality couches. Most of their couches are bonded leather.
I've been to liquidation furniture before and the sell really modern looking furniture without the quality.

At the end of the day u gotta decide on what kind of abuse you're going to be putting on your couch and how long you want it to last.

There's also grades and thickness of leather as well that will shoot the price up.

You gotta ask yourself if you want a quality piece of furniture that will last you down the road, or if you'd want to get rid of it after a few years and change up the look.

tiger_handheld 09-19-2016 07:49 PM

in for future reference.



sectional sofa

home furniture

I wish rs had a tagging/favorite thread system!

bcrdukes 09-19-2016 08:01 PM

Inform Interiors
Roche Bobois
Bo Concept
Inspiration Furniture

murd0c 09-20-2016 07:00 AM

Urban Barn Outlet in Poco, just picked up a real nice sectional there for $2000 off list. I got my bed frame from Costco which is great quality and a wicked price.

unit 09-20-2016 07:27 AM

good point about the bonded leather. i'd stay away from leather completely if your budget is under $2500. buy microfiber instead, it doesn't pill like a lot of other fabrics.

6o4__boi 09-20-2016 07:31 AM

those two girls on the right tho

wouldn't mind getting an intro into furniture business from em


Armind 09-20-2016 08:56 AM

BCC? :lawl:

fliptuner 09-20-2016 10:42 AM


Originally Posted by Inaii (Post 8789318)
Ikea is too "low brow" for armind.


Originally Posted by Armind (Post 8789319)
More like.. too ugly to my liking. #designerproblems

I told you, stop being poor or stop being picky. :fuckthatshit:

Armind 09-20-2016 10:44 AM

Need moar clientz!!! :alonehappy:

sonick 09-20-2016 11:13 AM

Liquidation Furniture is indeed cheaper, but a pain in the ass to deal with.

Completely disorganized, no track of supplier stock and product, no track of payment, no notification of delivery.

+1 on avoiding bonded leather. Either go all out and get good leather, or go with cloth or another material.

Edit: def check out Mobler. Nice designs and quality, good price.

lowside67 09-20-2016 02:19 PM


Originally Posted by bcrdukes (Post 8789453)
Inform Interiors
Roche Bobois
Bo Concept
Inspiration Furniture

Is my sarcasm meter broken? 4 of the most expensive places I can think of...?


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