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NashMan 04-06-2002 04:02 AM

Toyota supra chat thread
well hey guys my car was about to be back on the road but i fell out of car going 40 klicks so now i got 3rd dagree road rash on my hands and arms such
so now i can't work for like 2 or more days and when i can work on my car next i don't know

any sliver mrk 3 did you ever find out your prob whith your car .

enraged so when you getting thous down pipes caue si wan tone and i got the moneny in cash :D

VanIsleRev 04-06-2002 09:16 AM

how did you manage to just "fall out of a car"?

booter22 04-06-2002 09:17 AM

how did you fall out of the car?

Enraged 04-06-2002 09:56 AM

hahahah i still cant beleive you fell out of the car.

my buddy was riding on the back of a car. going 50. nice and smooth, holdin on with 2 hands. says "thsi isnt so bad", holds on with one hand. "thsi is pretty easy" holds on with a finger for balance. "wow, this is cool", lets go. the guy driving shifts, my buddy falls off the back of the car going 50. minor road rash and 1 broken arm. and he was sober. whats your excuse?

ill email him about the status of the downpipe.

91CRXSi 04-06-2002 11:06 AM

Wow...thats PRETTY stupid!!

Enraged 04-06-2002 11:20 AM

anyone want to buy my supra? im thinking of getting a differnt one.....

NashMan 04-06-2002 11:48 AM

well my friend whould not stop driven and slip off littel fuck i was going 40 or 50 i have no clue but at lest i get couple days off work hehehe

why whould you wan to sell your supra

all buy your bov hehehehe or trade for some thing

Enraged 04-06-2002 11:54 AM

trade for your big amp hehe j/k

well this other one i found is good condition from the outside, i would have to have it checked out though.

and i would have to sell mine first.

Quickfini 04-06-2002 12:02 PM

You fell outta your car?!?!?

Paradox 04-06-2002 08:59 PM

you got pics of ur supra, enraged? is it 5spd?

Paradox 04-06-2002 09:03 PM

good idea about the supra chat thread, too, Nashman. supra peeps are a tad different from the honda drivers :D

Enraged 04-06-2002 11:35 PM

nah, no pics of my supra. ya, 5 spd. i was thinking i would sell it and get this other one, but i would rather just keep mine and keep modding it.

ill give you the number of the car i was thinking about though if you want, its grey, 87 or 88, auto, turbo. not sure on the interior, most likely blue though.

Paradox 04-07-2002 01:31 AM

blue? arggh, wish there were more black interior'ed MK3's around

SilverMK3 04-07-2002 03:05 AM

I dunno, I like having a gray interior.... black would look kinda weird. I saw a blue MK3 on eBay that had a maroon interior, it kinda hurt the eyes :rolleyes:.

Enraged 04-07-2002 01:18 PM

im changing my interior peice by peice this summer. first the hatch and carpet when i install the stereo, and maybe the doors, and then later on the dash and headliner. seats will be replaced with blue corbeaus i think.... its not that hard to do for the plastic panels at least. just sand them lightly, a bit of primer, and a nice coat of black paint. the dash will be the hardest part, i can either get dye for it, or there is paint for vinyl, but im not sure if it will match the rest. the leather inserts on the doors and such will get replaced with colormatched fiberglass peices, probably silver to match the outside when i paint that.

NashMan 04-07-2002 01:53 PM

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well i m going to post pic's of my supra eheheh this i what it looks like now

what you guys think she is killer i am trying to go for the langford look think i got it yet or do i need ot put here on bloacks still

Enraged 04-07-2002 02:12 PM

lookin good man. if you really want the langford look, you have to have a primered fender and one black door on your white car.

fuzebox 04-07-2002 11:22 PM

Hey Enraged, do you think you could record your HKS SSBOV and post it up?

I want to hear the SSBOV on a MKIII...

Maybe I should ask on

NashMan 04-08-2002 12:45 AM

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here is me in my car befor i did the rewire that was a waste of my time well kinda

Paradox 04-08-2002 08:03 AM

damn Nashman, good luck getting your car back together

i'm gonna make a short clip of my car and HKS SSBOV soon....... i'll post that, but im sure by now you've already heard one, theres a bunch of websites out there with supra's and diff BOV mp3s.

me and my buddy installed my boost gauge yesterday, looks like im running at about 10psi without a boost controller or lotek POD :(

NashMan 04-08-2002 08:58 AM

well i got to still get some things worked out but getting there

i whould have lots of money but there a think called beer and i weman and hard to mange the car and beer and weman

we should have one big meet up on day

mine will be the one that looks rough but flys like dream well so far hehehe

Paradox 04-08-2002 09:13 AM

how long did it take you to rip all that apart? looks like it took some effort.

im sure i'll have to do that one of these days, or next time i play with any electronics or stereo install...

guess after you've done it once, it'll be easy as pie next time around though :)

Paradox 04-08-2002 09:15 AM

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anybody ever tried this?

ps - not my car

NashMan 04-08-2002 09:28 AM

nope i have never tried thgat the fastest i got in my na was 225 down the high towards town i let off soem caue slike i was like thinking to my self

now if i was to get pulled over i whould be yes officer my foot fell on the pedle and chould nto get up

but that is the faste started at like the exit in langford and let off the gasby the new kids jail that is poping up

oh yae my car did not shake in any way i love that

now i wounder how fast i can go in my turbo hehehe

Paradox 04-08-2002 09:55 AM

yeah getting pulled over would suck going that fast... im always more fearing for my life tho. hehe

ive had my car going pretty damn fast before, there was no rattles or shakes either, only other fast car ive owned was a '85 Rx7 and that thing shook like mad going 160+ i think it had tranny probs.

supra's smooth at any speed.. which is a nice change!

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