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Willing to sell body for a few minutes on RS
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My thoughts are it doesn't bother me one bit because i will never have to deal with these ladies.
People who complain go no where! Obviously these chicks are doing something wrong. Sure they can complain about the guys, but what makes them so special? These Cu*ts need to get off their high-horse and needs a co*k slap back to reality.
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"Entertainment" mod.
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Honestly, these bitches want to have their cake and eat it too. Some women want to take everything with no compromise, yet still complain for more once they get it.

My take: Some women

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RS has made me the bitter person i am today!
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Read this - an epic comment made on the Vancouver Magazine website.


I'm at a loss as to where I should begin with this, but I'll try a bit of an intro first. I'm a mid-late-twenties guy, great job, sense of humour, polite, athletic, the usual mix of typically Canadian values. Ambitious, fun-loving, and oh yes, absolutely fed up with Vancouver women. I think going through this article chronologically might be easiest, because there's so much that's so blatantly wrong and it does an excellent job of illustrating the problems men face in dealing with Vancouver women, though largely by accident.

First, Natalie, Elise, and Tracey need a reality check. I'm sorry to have to break this to you, but life isn't an episode of Sex in The City, despite your best efforts. Realistically, few in their mid-20s have their lives so figured out. What Tracey hasn't told you is that her electric-blue dress was bought at either H&M or Le Chateau, because she couldn't afford anything better due to the sky-high rent she's paying for the Yaletown condo she couldn't afford to buy on her entry-level marketing coordinator salary. Her bright blonde hair is actually brown, and while she's the one buying at Commune tonight, it's all going on her Visa which is close to being maxed out, as she's living far above her means. Elise's job in "business development" is really just a low-level sales position, so she's slightly better off in that she can at least write off part of her clothing as an expense. As for Natalie, she may be at grad school in Ontario, but there's a very good chance mommy and daddy are footing that bill, along with her tab for the night's drinks. They may sit around and complain about Vancouver men, but they're part of the problem and unfortunately common in this city. Vacuous women who'll do nothing but talk about their designer shoes and gossip about who's sleeping with who, all while living a lifestyle they can't actually afford and expecting the guys they see around them to do the same. Do they go out and hike, bike, and kayak? Sure, but only enough to be able to tell their friends they do it.

Tracey being tired of spending the night in "chic" Whistler bars with guys who are dressed in baggy jeans and hoodies is laughable. Let's overlook the fact that there's really no such thing as a "chic" bar in Whistler and instead focus on the fact that it's a ski town. It's populated by, you guessed it, skiers and snowboarders who wear baggy jeans and hoodies and tourists. Sure, there's the odd W/B exec kicking around, and you can recognize him by the tell-tale signs: slightly more fitted jeans, a button-up shirt, and his very happy, very nice, athletic, intelligent wife with a great job who's out walking the dog while he takes care of the baby. He's not interested in you, and neither are any other guys there because you're the annoying, over-dressed girl with a sense of entitlement so big it doesn't quite fit into the bar. Tracey's issues with Whistler bars are easily solved by throwing on a pair of jeans and checking her attitude along with her coat. Sadly for her, she's too self-absorbed to realize this.

No one getting up to give her a seat on the bus when she's in 6 inch heels and "laden with packages"? Of course not. The guys on the bus have already given up their seats to the seniors with canes and mothers with strollers. You chose the 6 inch heels, live with them. Side note: This is something you'd only ever see or hear about in Vancouver. Go to New York, LA, Montreal, Toronto, or any other major city and while you might see women in 6 inch heels, they'll all be sensible about them and take cabs, drive, not carry a ton of packages with them, and maybe even wear flats until they get to where they're going. Besides, why are you wearing 6 inch heels? Are you so insecure with your height that you feel they're necessary? I'd usually just dismiss someone wearing 6 inch heels in this city with a casual "meh, she's probably a stripper," but in this case that'd be insulting to strippers everywhere, who are either too sensible to wear their stage shoes around town or make enough money to afford a car that they can drive to work while wearing their 6 inch heels. No, chivalry hasn't died, it just doesn't apply to your case of wearing ridiculous shoes while carrying a ton of, let's be honest, what are probably magenta shopping bags onto a crowded bus.

Complaining about Vancouver's sartorial standards is of course what comes next. No, this isn't New York, and no, I'm not wearing a suit daily. I don't need to. It's not that I can't, it's not that I don't have a half dozen suits ready to go in my closet, it's that I don't need to. When I do, I clean up rather well, thank you. If you're after guys in suits, move to New York or London, where suits are the standard uniform. This isn't that city, and while it might be a bit sloppy, the fact that we aren't required to wear suits does make the place more casual, which is nice. Besides, the jeans, button-up shirt with the sleeves casually pushed up, casual shoes, and the Arc'teryx jacket that keeps me try in the rain we get here cost me about what a decent suit would have cost me at Harry's. Looking this "bad" isn't cheap.

Yes, it may be easier to go out, meet people, flirt, and enjoy good nightlife in other parts of the country. Toronto's great for it, as is Montreal. I know, I've been in both cities extensively. It's also a lot easier to strike up conversation at places like Canadian Tire, while you're "buying windshield wipers," but my experience tells me that most Vancouver women don't know what windshield wipers are, would have no idea how to buy or install them, and have never stepped foot in a Canadian Tire. Besides, your 6 inch heels wouldn't work too well in 6 inches of snow and -30 temps. Do I prefer the nightlife in other parts of the country? Yes, and with good reason. That said, I'm also on vacation when I'm there, so I'm more likely to be open, having a good time, and generally just meeting people. A common phenomenon with people who are somewhere other than where they live.

"No one who's ambitious comes to Vancouver," because there are no head offices isn't quite true either. While it's definitely true that a promotion to a regional office in Vancouver is generally either considered a "thank you" to a long time executive or a way of getting rid of an under-performing employee, there are just as many regional-office employees who move to Vancouver to get away from having to work 80 hour work weeks and deal with idiotic office politics, all in the name of work-life balance. It might put a cap on your upwards potential, but when you can be out of the office by 3:30 pm and on a ski hill or in the yoga studio by 4, you don't really care too much. If these women cared to, they could come appreciate that freedom as well. If they don't, well, their loss I suppose.

Of course, there are actually a number of head offices in Vancouver, filled with ambitious guys. Video game producers, a major apparel company that you may have heard of named Lululemon, numerous resource-based companies where jeans are considered "semi-formal" wear because a lot of their time is spent in the field, etc. Then there's all the guys working at the head offices of much smaller financial companies that are into things like "wealth management for high net worth individuals" and all the guys working at head offices of companies involved in skiing, snowboarding, and other such sports. They're all ambitious, you just haven't bothered talking to any of them because they're reasonably casual in both appearance and demeanor. You may judge based on clothing but that's a very, very bad idea in this city. The guys dressed in jeans and scuffed shoes sitting at the longbar at Joeys at 2 pm on a Tuesday might be losers, but there's just as good a chance that they're mining-industry guys discussing yet another deal to sell their find or project to a bigger firm for big, big money. Welcome to Vancouver. It's still a humble place in many ways, and we're all the better for it. So no, we don't have head offices of huge banks and hedge funds out here, but again, if that's the kind of guy you're after, feel free to relocate to somewhere they are. Just know that if you do, you'll be competing with women who are more intelligent, more polite, and more interesting than you are along with having much better jobs, so you'll have next to no chance.

I wish the sense of entitlement and snobbiness that the women mentioned in the article are afflicted with wasn't as common as it is in Vancouver, but that's the reality of dating here. I've never lived in any city where such a large part of the female population is just so incredibly un-dateable, for lack of a better term. It's their attitude towards men, it's their lifestyles, it's their beliefs, it's how fake they end up being, it's how utterly incapable of interesting conversation they are, it's their tendency to complain about us at every turn, it's the huge amount of gold-digging that goes on here, it's the insidious way in which their families tend to get involved in making sure they date the "right" guys, it's their complete lack of ideals that are realistic for the city they live in, it's their completely overblown sense of how great they are, it's everything. Yes, they're good looking and fill out their Lululemon pants quite well, but that's not enough for me to bother anymore. Vancouver men are pretty good at keeping quiet about all of this, but I'm sick of hearing the same stuff spewed day-in and day-out by women in this city and tired of reading it in print. Enough's enough ladies, take a good look at yourselves when you're in front of the mirror every morning and repeat the following mantra "I'm not in New York and guys here are just as good as anywhere else."
Now If you'll excuse me, I'm out to go skiing, mountain biking, hiking, or grab an espresso.
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Rs has made me the man i am today!
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Originally Posted by Tapioca View Post
Read this - an epic comment made on the Vancouver Magazine website.

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14 dolla balla aint got nothing on me!
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Those three women talk like they can change a bunch of other people. The only people they, or anyone, can change are themselves.
Their current attitude is goldbricker.
Think happy, be happy.
Misery is optional.
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Old 01-06-2012, 09:35 PM   #56
RS controls my life!
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now they complaining because men don't dress nicely out in public? tired of these dumb bitches, enough said

Hope someone writes a counter article. Do Vancouver Women ever shut up?
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Old 01-06-2012, 09:43 PM   #57
I Will not Admit my Addiction to RS
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Girls in vancouver are so fucking uptight, like they got a stick up their ass.

I see other girls in say California , they are so much nicer and nothing is up their asses.
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Lomac owned my ass at least once
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What an epic comment by that fedup dude.
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resident Oil Guru
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I once helped this Vancouverite girl (wearing lulu type stuff) pick her up dropped crutch (she had a sprained ankle or something). Didn't even look at me or even say thanks and just went on her way.

End of public chivalry for me then.
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Old 01-06-2012, 10:10 PM   #60
Banned (ABWS)
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So how many of you complaining about this article are forever alone?
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Originally Posted by LiquidTurbo View Post
I once helped this Vancouverite girl (wearing lulu type stuff) pick her up dropped crutch (she had a sprained ankle or something). Didn't even look at me or even say thanks and just went on her way.

End of public chivalry for me then.
She was probably dropped it for the good looking guy to help her out.
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Wunder? Wonder?? Wander???
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This post FAILED by:
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This article really strikes a nerve with me...I wanna rage and pull my hair out reading this! Like someone said earlier...This has to be troll job written to counter the stigma associated with Vancouver women.

Its a waste of breath trying to explain the horrendous dating scene we have in Vancouver. Both sides are too blame for this but the females here have expectations WAY too high.

We're not a manufacturing blue collar city nor a central business hub. Vancouver is Hong Kong #2. We're an Asian dominated city...meaning our goals for status and money triumph all else. We have unlimited rich immigrants moving in and a drug trade that's the leading industry in our province.

What Im trying to say... the guys here living with their rich parents or running a drug line set the standards too high for the rest of us. These girls have been accustomed to the higher standard of living in Vancouver their whole lives. It's only natural they've become snotty with their LV bags demanding a shot for all their friends before you can have a conversation with them.
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These women are cunts.

This would never have been published if it was a bunch of men judging women. Its all a fucking double standard.

We all know this happens...guys get together and talk about their frustrations with women, and chicks get together to rag on guys....but for some reason it seems more acceptable to shit talk guys.

This article and these opinions are pathetic.
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TL;DR: Women want to be treated special and as equals at the same time, more news at 11.
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LOL wow, this "article" is now being talked about by CTV news
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Do Vancouver Women Suck? A Reader's Response

Katherine Ashenburg's piece, Do Vancouver Men Suck?, generated a huge response from our online readers, and sparked many insightful, often hilarious, comments. Here is our favourite

this is not necessarily intended as a rebuttal to "Do Vancouver men suck?", but more like an addendum that seeks to add another layer to the discussion of why dating in this city is tremendously complicated. You see, Katherine Ashenburg's article focuses on how men here are a bunch of ski bums who dress like teenagers and have no clue about how to court women. As a Mexican immigrant, I suppose her article does not apply to me...and I don't necessarily disagree with her assessment. However, the dating game is a dance of two, and I feel she misses half the story when she avoids any criticism of women in Vancouver. Thus, to fill the reciprocity gap (and expand on her final sentence), I hereby share my vision of "why women in Vancouver suck".

Warning: this may offend those who are absolutely paranoid about any sort of cultural generalizations. Although I agree that every human is unique and every case is different, blah blah blah, I also find that sketching some general attitudes about women in Vancouver is a useful exercise. As a person who has lived in Mexico, France, and Italy (arguably countries with some of the most romantic/forward men in the world, where women are used to being approached), I see a serious deficit in the way women handle the romantic prowess (or lack thereof, according to Katherine) of men here. Also, my generalizations don't come out of thin air, but are derived from 5 years of constantly meeting women in Vancouver, which has allowed me to find some common denominators in the way that women here react to men. If you disagree with some of these general attitudes, congratulations, you're an outlier. I wish you thousands of successful dates. (And, um, I would love to meet you.)

The best way to get my point across is to present you with some typical scenarios where strangers meet, and then explain how Vancouver women are so "special". Enjoy.

The girl on the bus

Buses are the quintessential way you come into close contact with strangers. They are, by definition, places where you experience close proximity with people you don't know. As such, they serve as a litmus test for the general approachability of people in a city. To me, they're a box full of potential for meeting new faces. Yes, I'm the annoying guy who talks to you on the bus. The dude who asks you, "How is your morning going?" or "Have you listened to the new Bon Iver album?" Yes, I fully believe that casual conversation makes us more human, and I never pass the chance of trying to sit close to the interesting-looking girl in the bus and open my mouth.

You know where this is going. The second you start talking to a Vancouver girl on the bus, you notice the automatic clenching of the fists. The tightening of the cheeks. The rapid eye movement looking for an escape route. I remember a girl who looked absolutely bored riding the #6 bus down Davie, from the West End into downtown. She was most likely my neighbour and, judging by the cool outfit, probably worked in some creative job in a startup in Gastown. She was one of those people that you spot and automatically feel like you would have a billion things in common with and you would already be BFFs if only you had been in the same Film Studies class at UBC. Her reaction to my non-intrusive, "Ahh, lovely sunrise with those heavy clouds in the distance, eh?" A dismissive "yahh," and a microsecond later she buried her face in her iPhone (probably to text Crime Stoppers). She was most likely thinking "HOW DARE HE?!"

Question: do they hire Latino men with my accent to sexually molest girls as part of some safety training in the BC high school curriculum? No? Reaaaaally? Well, IT CERTAINLY FEELS LIKE IT. I cannot stress this enough. Due to some bizarre learned cultural behavior, women in Vancouver experience an explosion of panic the second a man (who did not go to elementary school with them) talks to them. They can't hide it... adrenaline shows in the eyes and the mouth and everywhere on the face, and our brains are programmed to read whether a person is comfortable with you or not. As a guy who gets this reaction almost daily, I almost feel like saying "sorrrry, did I ruin your morning commute by putting your body on high defensive alert for the next 9 hours??"

Now, you might be thinking, maybe, Jorge, you approach women with the look of a hungry wolf that just spotted its prey, salivating at the sight of a mere 2 inches of exposed ankle. Perhaps. But those who have met me know that I'm a "nice" guy, and even if may sometimes be on a "mission", I approach people gently, in a non-imposing and friendly manner. (Yes, you might later find that I'm a bit hyperactive or get overexcited and talk A LOT if I find you interesting, and I'll probably recommend you go to 6 or 7 life-changing films playing THAT night...but that's waaaay after you've given me the initial green light, not after I get the look of a deer about to be murdered with a rifle).

The 18 kms of beaches

In a city with such precious beaches (Kits was recently rated North America's sexiest beach. By someone who clearly needs to travel more), you would think that summer here would be the ultimate place to meet your future life partner. Think again. Vancouver beaches have big logs for a reason. NOT for comfort when you read, but to MARK YOUR TERRITORY.

Let's start with an exercise. Close your eyes and think about the last time you went to Third Beach or Kits Beach or Jericho (Wreck does not count because everyone is high and they're not being themselves ) and played Frisbee with the strangers from the next log over. Or helped them apply sunscreen. Or organized a game of volleyball where nobody knew each other previously. Tough, eh?

You see, the beach is the one place where Vancouver women exercise a particular kind of double entendre. They spend 80 percent of the year getting fit, choose the perfect bikini, and then lay by themselves on a gorgeous beach with a book. But don't you dare intrude on their beach Zen. Seriously, what am I supposed to read from these visual cues? That you want to be left the fuck alone? Obviously.

I won't argue against the fact that everyone has a right to privacy and to enjoying public space without having to deal with some talkative Mexican who wants to meet you just because he happens to be at the same beach as you. However, the reaction I get when I (try to) talk to Vancouver women at the beach is invariably like crashing into a cement wall (mind you, at the beach I'm the quintessential douchebag with a ukulele who plays two songs and then expects all the girls to want to meet me just because I'm more...umm...sensitive). Monosyllabic responses and quickly looking over their shoulder as if the boyfriend were about to arrive, are the norm. Give. me. a. break.

I remember a girl at Spanish Banks once who briefly smiled at me when I glanced over. I was alone, so I decided to walk over and say hi. In a matter of minutes we were talking about music, some show she loved at the Push Festival, and asked about each other's job and family history. I also learned that she had a boyfriend, yet we continued our conversation for about an hour, until she had to leave to meet a friend for dinner. Before leaving she asked if she could text me later so that I could join her for a film with her friends, and I'm glad to say that we have remained close for more than a year now. In other words, she is a normal woman who is not afraid to...oh wait...she doesn't count, she is from Montréal.

The Park

Purely anecdotal. Last summer I walked to the park near Sunset Beach and spotted a girl who was sitting by herself with a full picnic kit (blanket, basket, book, wine, the works). As I walked by, I decide not to pass on the opportunity to meet a new face, so I said: "I was going to sit over there by myself, but you seem to have the perfect picnic setup. Can I join you?"

Now, I wasn't going to steal her food (I was carrying my own hummus and quinoa salad) nor drink her wine. I just wanted a conversation (because, yes, sitting with someone is usually infinitely better than sitting alone. Anywhere.)

After looking at me incredulously for about 6 seconds, she began to mutter something that went like "ahh, ummm... my... I was just about to leave, sorry." And then she packed her stuff and was gone. Wait, whaaat? I knew she didn't have to leave because I saw her set up her picnic blanket a mere 7 minutes before. AND she had to chug her glass of pinot grigio in order to leave.

I imagine that in another city, she may have said, "Sorry, I was hoping to have a picnic by myself, but thanks", or even, "Listen buddy, get your own piece of grass." Again, I understand that you're by yourself on purpose, but is it necessary to act like you saw a Sasquatch if you get approached in public? You see, it's one thing to be socially rigid (Germans, Swiss, etc), but an entirely different thing to be socially inept. Lesson: the problem with Vancouver women is that they leave you standing in the park alone, feeling like you just committed a crime.

Yes, Katherine, meeting women in Vancouver is indeed "daunting, strenuous, semi-natural, and so not romantic."

The Yaletown encounter

Not worth our time discussing this (though it sounds like Katherine's interview subjects , Natalie, Elise and Tracey, are Yaletowners). Like, yahhh. Like, why botherrrr? In all seriousness, though, trying to talk to a girl in the streets of Yaletown is like pretending your pet Chihuahua understands English. You will get the nervous look of a dog that knows it can be crushed by anything taller than a bonsai. That is...if you're not actually talking to her dog (because, the most common way to approach a woman in Yaletown is to direct your ice-breaker towards her pet Chihuahua, and then hope that she gets off her phone and actually says something other than "yahh, OMG, totally, wait...there's a creeper trying to touch my dog, LOL" and disappears into a yoga studio. )

I agree with Katherine that "Vancouver is in a class by itself." When it comes to paranoid, anti-social women, the ones in Vancouver seem to have written the book.

A glimmer of hope: coffee shops

I like happy endings. This treatise of women in Vancouver would not be complete if I didn't mention the only place where I find it somehow easy to have a good conversation with a stranger and get a number. (Omit for a second the fact that coffee shops in the world were INVENTED for that purpose)

In a coffee shop environment (not the chain variety, but real coffee shops, like Nelson the Seagull or Revolver), I find that women in Vancouver are particularly at ease when I smile at them. It may be that it's such a safe and non-threatening location (there's people around that can text Crime Stoppers for them) that they temporarily defrost their Vancouver ice wall. Or perhaps they're at a coffee shop precisely because they're so tired from a day's worth of fending off salivating wolves, that they landed there to rest and don't have any energy left to keep their defensive barrier in place. Whatever the reason, the coffee shop is where women in Vancouver become real: respond normally when you ask to borrow a chair, offer a friendly nod when you comment on the amazingness of the shoes they're wearing, poke fun at your accent, and appreciate some healthy banter. In other words, I haven't left Vancouver because some very sensible people decided to open amazing new coffee shops. Thank you. After all, we all need a place to feel human again.

Gh0stRider's Buy & Sell Feedback

Originally Posted by CharlieH View Post
whole time i thought gh0strider was white lol

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^^ And that is why I chose not to bother any woman at all. The monent you try to even just say hi, they turn on their alarm lol.

Woman in Van generally base their descions on how a guy is dress @@ really now do I need to dress to be Mr.Perfect if I am know I am just going to window shop..... or just go out for a lunch or even just walk around the park/beach mall on my day off to relax? Hell no. I am going to try in casual wear (long selves, T-shirts, jeans and runners.....).

Is kinda of funny too my big big boss (owns a pretty well know developer in Van) always dress pretty casual when he is out as well. I bet the girls in the article prolly think my boss is some timer.

Also when I am on the bus I only give my seats to seniors. I am sorry but if you are in your 6inch heels taking a bus, fully knowing you will have to stand anyways and complain about it is just dumb. Is a right for anyone to give you a seat. Sorry to break ti to you buy when you are on a bus no one really cares how pretty your 6inch heels look in fact people will be thinking how stupid you are wearing 6inch heels on a bus.
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I *heart* very Muchie
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The rebuttle article is well written and highlights valid points..Its one thing for them (women) have unreal expectations, BUT the attitude that alot of em with regards to men approaching them is completely wrong. Albeit, there are alot of weirdos and douchebags in this city that have definitely left a sour taste in many women's mouth (<--- insert sexual innuendo here)
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RS has made me the bitter person i am today!
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The sense of entitlement seems to start early in childhood and lies with the parents. I was in a client's home doing a service call recently and walked past the kitchen table where they had 2 place mats set for their young son and daughter. The son's place mat had his name on it, while the daughter's had the title of "Princess" on hers. Immediately I thought: "wow, you are going to give your daughter a complex."
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I don't get it
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Originally Posted by Mr.HappySilp View Post
Woman in Van generally base their descions on how a guy is dress @@ really now do I need to dress to be Mr.Perfect if I am know I am just going to window shop..... or just go out for a lunch or even just walk around the park/beach mall on my day off to relax? Hell no. I am going to try in casual wear (long selves, T-shirts, jeans and runners.....).
It's a double edged sword. Many men in vancouver judge a woman on face, shape, overall look. Main factors in judging a woman boils down to beauty while its prosperity for men. I always think men have it better as success can be exuberated not only by looks but by your salary, prestige from working at a certain place, career choice. Though it all seems to point back to cash.

Anyhoo, maybe it's the bitter taste that's been left in my mouth that's talking... as Infiniti mentioned in his post. sigh...

There is no winner in the war of sexes!
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Fuck bitches get money.
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Originally Posted by Tapioca View Post
Read this - an epic comment made on the Vancouver Magazine website.
Jesus. Fucking. Christ. That was amazing.
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Sonick is a genius. I won't go into detail what's so great about his post. But it's damn good!
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Does it suck to date in Vancouver? - News1130

Does it suck to date in Vancouver?
Men say women here are cold; women say men are lazy

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) - The question was asked, "Do Vancouver men suck?" Then it was, "Do Vancouver women suck?"

Vancouver Magazine has been stirring the pot. After pieces blasting both sexes, it has emerged that, generally, women think men are lazy underachievers and that men think women in Vancouver are cold.

The responses have been rather heated, from social media to the not-so-civil streets. "Men are horrible, they are pigs," one woman tells News1130. "A lot of the guys I have met are shallow, they only want one thing."

"The majority of men in Vancouver are horrible," says another regular clubber. "Unless, of course, they have money to spoil a woman. Then it's OK, I guess."

Men we spoke with say it can be tough to break that frigid, unwelcoming air when meeting women in Vancouver.

"You got to be an easy-going person to meet people," says one long-time resident. "You can't expect people to approach you, you have to approach people. It's give and receive, right? If you won't make the first move, that's what you get in return."

Both sexes do agree on one thing, dating can be very tough in Vancouver.

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"The majority of men in Vancouver are horrible," says another regular clubber. "Unless, of course, they have money to spoil a woman. Then it's OK, I guess."

What a stunned cunt, she is the epitome of women in Vancouver. A regular clubber that's only interested in money. YOU DON'T SAY!
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