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kayceeee 12-16-2012 11:29 AM

speaking of jerseys..where do you guys get yours?

604CEFIRO 12-16-2012 12:37 PM


Originally Posted by kayceeee (Post 8108337)
speaking of jerseys..where do you guys get yours?

Sometimes the local bike shops, lotta the times online.

I don't own any team replica kits.

I own a lot of rapha, some torm jerseys, merino base layers from CRC

Rapha - premium price tag. almost too expensive. high quality fabrics and construction. classic styling. makes u feel uber elite for owning the stuff. lol. free crash repair on classic items (i think it includes their jerseys, some jackets, shoes, etc)

TORMŽ - sport merino wool jerseys. good for a multitude of conditions. pretty much replica styling from Rapha but at a fraction of the cost.

I like the classic style more than racer / sponsor kits.

Assos - not a brand of jerseys I wear, but i do have some of the rain gear. assos has really good R&D in their frabrics and manufacturing of jerseys. they create/invent all their own types of fabrics. i think they invited the technique of sublimation years ago.

Theres a lot to be said about technical fabrics from expensive brands like Assos, rapha, etc.

A regular multi panel jersey, generally made of spandex/lycra, wears and performs just fine.

I have an mec jersey, i wear it quite a bit to commute in. made of lycra which will stink very fast. have smelled like arm pits from day 1.

My rapha and torm jerseys that are merino wool, smell 100% clean.

bcrdukes 12-16-2012 07:57 PM

I own Castelli, Capo and Craft.

Capo is....not that great. They have weird fabric and their sizing is very inconsistent. Castelli is innovative in their own rite and their stuff fits well. Craft is pretty edgey. I like their stuff.

dat_steve 12-16-2012 09:49 PM


Originally Posted by 604CEFIRO (Post 8108267)

And definitely, i'd be down to ride into an rsnet meet hahah. At this point, my bike is cooler than my car.

bahahaha i almost choked on my kettle korn. that's how i feel about my bike too.

i'm down for a rs jersey even if it costs a bit more. hopefully i can ride with more of you guys next season :alone:

benwang 12-16-2012 10:22 PM

1 Attachment(s)
just finish building my road bike

specialized allez frame w/ carbon fork
shimano ultegra 6700 10 speed groupset
11/28 cassette, 50/34 compact chainring
165mm crankarms
fsa slk carbon handle bar and seat post
american classic mag300 wheelset w/ skewers
continental grand prix s4000 tires

PHATFLIP_14 12-16-2012 10:28 PM

i might be interested getting an rs jersey as well, depending on the cost of it.

bcrdukes 12-16-2012 10:40 PM

I'll make my way down to Endo Customs sometime within the next few weeks and report back.

kayceeee 12-17-2012 05:31 PM

just got my purchases i made on the 8th from CRC, my first online bike purchase (noob)

such fast shipping

got my shimano 105 pedals, northwave fighters sbs and castelli socks

now waiting for my order on saturday, my trainer and cateye doublewireless

pics to follow!

604CEFIRO 12-17-2012 07:42 PM

Fake Oakleys Mini Review

Alright so a week or so ago I mentioned that it'd be ordering some fake Oakleys and I just received them today.

I bought them off of ( : Buy 100% Authentic OK Jawbone Racing Jacket Cycling Bicycle Bike Outdoor Sports Sun Glasses Eyewear Goggle Sunglasses 3 color lens from Reliable sunglasses suppliers on Cool Change Outdoor Sports Co.,Ltd )

I ordered them on Dec 4th and received them Dec 17th via EMS with tracking.

Although free shipping is included in the auction price of $26.00 I opted to pay extra for EMS

$26ea pair x 2 = $52
EMS shipping $23

Total $75.00

I ordered 1 x white frame with black trim. The second pair is black with red trim.

The glasses come in a high quality case + 3 pairs of lenses.

Overall, I am satisfied with what I received. I wanted some glasses that I could ride with and not care if I lose them or damage them. Doesn't hurt that they look great

Build quality is not the best but not terrible. I'd say 6.5/10, max 7/10. My white pair is better quality than the black ones. Things like how 'tight' the pieces join together; u know its replica. The case is surprisingly well built and feels like a sturdy case. Inside fits the glasses along with 2 extra lenses and the lense cloth.

For $26.00 and free shipping, albeit may take 30 days, it's a great deal. I'd say if you want them, buy them with free shipping.

I didn't bother with pics because you all know how jawbones look.

bcrdukes 12-17-2012 09:35 PM


Originally Posted by kayceeee (Post 8109413)
just got my purchases i made on the 8th from CRC, my first online bike purchase (noob)

Did you have to pay tax and/or duties?

kayceeee 12-17-2012 09:48 PM

nope it came in two separate packages and total was just under 170. My next order should be coming end of the week or early next week and it's about 210. I'll report then if I get taxed on that.
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dat_steve 12-18-2012 01:49 PM

man. tried rolling around the block yesterday before it snowed because i missed my fixie so much. i don't know how you guys ride in sub 5' weather. shit is COLD!!!

604CEFIRO 12-18-2012 02:19 PM

Hehe. I'm still riding daily. It's all in the gear... Lol

There was slush on the ground in richmond today but nothing crazy.

I was considering studs on my JtS ... But bike tires are $$$
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dat_steve 12-18-2012 03:47 PM

hey those chawbones don't look bad at all! i think i'll pass on the winter riding haha my focus has been on squats and plyometrics so i can destroy some hills come summer :)

summer goal is to do the 'triple crown' and maybe a ride up to whistler (with a help car of girlfriends of course lol)

604CEFIRO 12-18-2012 05:22 PM

Hey you should consider the whistler grandfondo in September.

I'll be doing it for sure. Team Rsnet?? Lol
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dat_steve 12-18-2012 09:09 PM

i don't think i'm quite there yet LOL i haven't tried that route at least. i want to see what its like doing the squamish run first. sounds like we have some beasts in the rs riding club...:heckno:

bcrdukes 12-18-2012 09:36 PM

I'm with dat_steve on this one.

604CEFIRO - You can be our sole representative all events! :D

604CEFIRO 12-19-2012 07:00 AM

Hahah it's more motivating doing it in a group!

I'm only doing it for leisure, not trying to 'win' anything.

It's a great feeling of accomplishment climbing a hill, or riding a far distance. I've never done the whistler ride yet, but i'll be trying to prepare for it once the weather turns around.

Speaking of weather, no way i'm riding to work today =S

azncreationz 12-20-2012 08:01 PM


Originally Posted by bcrdukes (Post 8109582)
Did you have to pay tax and/or duties?

I love CRC! I think if you break up your orders and keep them low (but enough for free shipping), then you're good. Obviously, for some items you can't avoid the duties.

bcrdukes 12-20-2012 08:20 PM

If any of you head down to California, I would highly encourage you to bring your bicycles. The roads here are butter smooth and they go on for miles before you even hit a traffic light. :sweetjesus:

604CEFIRO 12-21-2012 11:50 AM

Speaking about bringing bikes on a trip... My gf and I have decided for next years cuba trip (we just got back last Saturday), we're bringing our bikes over there to ride.

The roads are flat (good for the gf lol) and yea, they go on for days.

Traffic and cars aren't bad either bc a lot of Cubans ride bicycles. The roads are surprisingly in good / perfect condition.

During our 8 days, we saw a lot of foreigners AND local Cubans on road bikes. I saw single ppl, doubles, groups of 8 and like a mass peloton of Cubans riding together, and yes on road bikes fully kitted up.

Can't wait for cuba '13 lol!
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kayceeee 12-22-2012 09:11 AM


Originally Posted by bcrdukes (Post 8109582)
Did you have to pay tax and/or duties?

just got my bike trainer today, same thing no tax, still waiting for my cateye, still in richmond...ordered together tho.

i've been lucky with no tax/duty so far with crc

EDIT: new setup at home, oh lord, my first clipless pedal system. and boy its definitely different. definitely need lots and lots of practice.


GREddie 12-22-2012 11:03 PM

Just got caught up with about 20 pages of this thread. Totally down for an RS jersey!

604CEFIRO 12-24-2012 05:36 AM

Kayceee I'd recommend getting a bikefit to make sure you're positioned correctly on the bike

It'll ensure that ur riding position, height, angles are all in line = reduce pain associated with a repetitive motion
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Gtrr33 12-24-2012 07:33 AM


Originally Posted by 604CEFIRO (Post 8114717)
Kayceee I'd recommend getting a bikefit to make sure you're positioned correctly on the bike

It'll ensure that ur riding position, height, angles are all in line = reduce pain associated with a repetitive motion
Posted via RS Mobile

which shop you recommend?

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