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murd0c 06-24-2013 08:29 PM

The Official 2013/2014 Canucks & NHL Thread
Normally I would say wait a bit for a new thread but personally I want to forget last season. Torts getting announced as a coach tomorrow, the draft and free agency on the 5th I'm so excited for this off season.

Sad to see LU go tho :(

jeedee 06-24-2013 08:41 PM

Too soon, junior

but in on 1st

Okami 06-24-2013 08:47 PM


Originally Posted by jeedee (Post 8267633)
Too soon, junior

but in on 1st

Not really racist! 06-24-2013 10:11 PM



trancehead 06-24-2013 11:12 PM


Grandmaster TSE 06-24-2013 11:12 PM

welcome in the tort era LOL

spideyv2 06-24-2013 11:25 PM

1rd page

Spot for sale
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dinamix 06-24-2013 11:27 PM

Lock this thread..why u guys always jump the gun on this shit...I don't know what the big deal is being the guy who's starts a Canuck thread..

I enjoyed the old should just change the header and merge it

RiceIntegraRS 06-24-2013 11:28 PM

1st page yeah baby
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Infiniti 06-24-2013 11:38 PM

Coconuts Go!

van19 06-24-2013 11:43 PM

in on 1st page.

H.Specter 06-24-2013 11:53 PM

MISC Crew checking in on 1rd page

negged. 06-25-2013 12:00 AM


jeedee 06-25-2013 12:00 AM


Originally Posted by H.Specter (Post 8267798)
MISC Crew checking in on 1rd page

trip 06-25-2013 12:01 AM


Ikkaku 06-25-2013 12:02 AM

Gonna be a long wait for next season :alone:

Not really racist! 06-25-2013 12:04 AM

strong misc presence

spideyv2 06-25-2013 12:15 AM


subordinate 06-25-2013 12:23 AM

Canucks' win the cup, called it!


AzNightmare 06-25-2013 12:28 AM

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Tim Budong 06-25-2013 12:47 AM


Special K 06-25-2013 12:51 AM

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noTirl 06-25-2013 12:55 AM


Ch28 06-25-2013 12:55 AM

sekin67835 06-25-2013 01:27 AM

Next season will be the year!....right guys?
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