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  1. Showering too much???
  2. Good face moisturizer for dry face
  3. Minocycline or Minocin?
  4. sweet and cold drink are killing asian_xl?
  5. Finding that right bed/pillow combination
  6. Dermatologist in Vancouver?
  7. Anyone else suffering from allergies??
  8. Anon. Submission: Depressed
  9. Taking craps at really odd times..
  10. how to reduce mosquitoe bites?
  11. "The Shocking Truth about Dairy"
  12. organic grocery store in richmond?
  13. Multi Vitamin for men
  14. Where to go to get moles removed?
  15. Spider bite?
  16. anyone here suffer from esophagitis, hiatal hernia, GERD, etc?
  17. Has anyone tried B5?
  18. Blood Test Question. Please help!
  19. Rohto Eyedrops
  20. Does everyone get canker sores after they bite themselves?
  21. Anon Submission: Should I go see a Psychologist or Psychiatrist?
  22. Stinky Feet
  23. WCB claims
  24. Anon Submission: Music addiction/fixation = OCD?
  25. Food allergy = Watery/itchy skin
  26. marijuana testing
  27. alcohol is good for you...NOT!
  28. Took an unusual dump just now
  29. Best Allergy Medicine?
  30. Need a great spa place for someone's birthday!
  31. Recommendation needed: Dentist in Kits
  32. Looking for Protein Powder
  33. hot water bags
  34. Dermatologists
  35. Dry/cracked skin
  36. How much is too much alcohol?
  37. does soy products inhibit testosterone production?
  38. Looking for a doctor in South Vancouver/Fraserview area
  39. Apple Cider Vinegar
  40. Sinus infection making my teeth hurt?
  41. Red meat causing cancer?
  42. Hey Fat Head, eat more Fat!
  43. Smoking - Casually
  44. Swallowing pills
  45. throat has cut in it?
  46. Obese, Diabetic Youths Show Signs of Early Damage to Arteries
  47. Mouse genome laid bare to science
  48. Ear Wax not in my earhole but above it
  49. Registered Massage Therapists
  50. Clearing out sinuses w/ saltwater throught the nose?
  51. Colour of Urine
  52. Who do I go to to check for problems from rear-end accident?
  53. Plantar wart
  54. Blood Type Testing
  55. omg is there a peice of teeth in my gum from my wisdom tooth being removed...
  56. Good cosmetic dentists?
  57. pvl whey maxx - opinion
  58. Regrets of not staying in shape
  59. Immunization records?
  60. Reasonable cleanliness vs hypochondria
  61. kink in my neck.. fak!!
  62. Would singing lessons help with my monotonous cracked up voice?
  63. Not flossing contributing to rank breath?
  64. Spring Allergies
  65. dentist
  66. Hookah
  67. Anyone know what doctors do after they hit 50 patients per day?
  68. St. Ives product availability in Vancouver?
  69. eyebrow shaping
  70. Which electric razor gives the cleanest shave
  71. Ionized Water and Eczema
  72. How to cure eye floaters?
  73. Embarrassing Bathroom Issues!
  74. Essential daily supplements?
  75. Hair Vitamin
  76. Chest Pains
  77. Cell phone use in teens have more chance of cancer..for real!
  78. Serious: 23 y/o female losing hair: how would you deal?
  79. recommend a Dermatologist?
  80. growth product ?, is it safe ?, does it work ?
  81. Free/cheap eye exams Locations?
  82. I hate washing my feet in the shower
  83. My theory of "Yeet hay" AKA Hot Air (chinese medicine)
  84. Irregular Heartbeat
  85. what are the things a pregnant woman shoudn't eat?
  86. Teeth grinding at night
  87. UV light or full spectrum bulb
  88. Nasty chapped lips
  89. Wild Rose Cleanse
  90. WAXING
  91. Best power toothbrush?
  92. sleeping position
  93. How long should i clean it for ?
  94. Nicotine, is it true ?
  95. Contacts fitting
  96. Night Hot Tubs in downtown/West Van/
  97. Bumps from Shaving my head
  98. face feels warm.
  99. Allen Carr's Easy Way To Stop Smoking
  100. Why do colder temperatures delay/prevent vomiting spells?
  101. Best way to get rid of chubby cheeks
  102. How to cure a fever
  103. Ear piercing - need help
  104. Gap Between Teeth
  105. Sleep Apnea
  106. Showering with stitches
  107. laser eye surgery. anyone done it?
  108. Lasik MD vs. Others
  109. exfoliate your body?
  110. Root Canal or getting tooth pulled
  111. Allergies to cats and dust, anyone use any effective medication?
  112. High Blood Pressure
  113. My damned voice
  114. Cleaning Out Wax
  115. I can't eat Breakfast!
  116. Pimples on shoulders/back/chest from working out?
  117. Sleeping problems
  118. surgery for bigger eyes (where can i go?)
  119. How long do you usually wait at the doctor's office?
  120. People say BREAKFAST (Cereal) is the more important meal of the day
  121. Dealing with Tendonitis
  122. Dec 13 - (Confirmed) Canadian Blood Services Blood Drive
  123. taking out wisdom tooth
  124. Mens face wash,
  125. Is it true that hot food is more nutritious than cold food?
  126. losing hair
  127. where can i get crutches
  128. Looking for a family doctor?! Info about specialist referral?! CLICK HERE!
  129. Crest White Strips
  130. Getting teeth whitened
  131. Blood Drive Discussion Thread
  132. Optometrist Clinic - Eye Exam
  133. Health Care & Wellness Resource Websites
  134. From Ow to WOW!
  135. Health & Wellness Resource Forum Rules: Updated April 2009
  136. Black Head Removal
  137. Laser mole removal?
  138. nipple piercing