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  1. Triple-O's Porsche Tuesday meets
  2. Best roads to drive on the island
  3. New tace track Duncan 3 Point Motors
  4. Victoria old schoolers
  5. Temp race course North town center Nanaimo
  6. STOLEN wheels, saanich
  7. Trans shop south island?
  8. OBD-II reader I can borrow?
  9. Car Inspection
  10. Local wheel repair shop?
  11. DF Films: Drift Union Invitational 2012 DODOlogic
  12. STOLEN black eg GSR civic
  13. Help: Fuel Problem?
  14. Spotted
  15. Resurfacing Brake Discs
  16. Is Lyall the place for suspension work too?
  17. Vic alignment shops?
  18. Island cruises dead?
  19. 1997 Prelude SH issue.
  20. Good Honda mechanic in Victoria?
  21. Spotted (in Comox Valley)
  22. Looking for a good RX-7 specialist on the island.
  23. Starting up some cruses :)
  24. Stolen: Thunder Grey Integra from nanaimo
  25. Fender Rolling
  26. BTBNT supply COACH 2011 Leather Handbags On Sale 14753hui Smudge
  27. hi im new.
  28. Vancouver Island Poker Run 2011 - 2nd Annual Charity Event
  29. Where do you recommend for head work?
  30. Does anyone have the special VW tranny drain plug tool????
  31. Looking for someone to re-spray clear coat on my wheels
  32. Anyone good with body work with a dent / scratch
  33. Introduction: Strange Island Guy
  34. Any at home tig welders?
  35. Tire/wheel fitment question
  36. Places to get a quality alarm install on the island
  37. Where to rent spring compressor?
  38. Is Green's still the best place to get wheels refinished?
  39. Places that can weld stainless steel?
  40. Good place for tranny rebuild in Vic
  41. Anyone at uvic?
  43. New Sponsor Total Visage Vehicle Recovery Systems
  44. Looking for a new car but...
  45. Revscene trusted Body Shops?
  46. It runs I think hell froze over
  47. I want to attend my first AutoX on the 22nd...
  48. Where to buy Subwoofer Box Carpeting
  49. octane?
  50. Looking for a mechanic with low rates / credit card machine
  51. Vehicle Inspection
  52. tire width front vs rear vs car stability
  53. Reputable transmission shops in town?
  54. motorbike question.
  55. Need a welder for exhaust manifold
  56. 2010 Camaro insurance rates...? wtf? any insight?
  57. Fender roller?
  58. $$$$$$$$ out of bussness?
  59. Towing..
  60. Who sells JL audio on the island now?
  61. Where to buy exhaust pipe
  62. Cops hiding spots
  63. Stolen Car In victoria
  64. soda blasting what a mess I must say
  65. Top gear USA
  66. What the fuck Toyota why ?????
  67. Subaru Powered Civic
  68. Anybody have a VAG-COM?
  69. painting issues
  70. New guy from Victoria
  71. Who has a sniffer?
  72. 1992 Civic HB Project( Urban Monster )
  73. anyone with a truck and trailer going up Parksville way soon?
  74. Curious question: Your Insurance Costs?
  75. OBD2 scanner?
  76. Where can i get aftermarket parts for my 1992 Mazda b2600i?
  77. Getting exhaust done..
  78. Stolen car!!!! Please help!!!!
  79. where to have headlight wiring work done?
  80. goof place to get front bumper painted
  81. Where can I get the cheapest 3" stainless exhaust pipe.
  82. Rota dealer on the island?
  83. Where can I get fuel injectors flow tested?
  84. Just another noob
  85. where to get a high milage car inspected?
  86. Clutch change?
  87. What Grill is this?
  88. Looking for a wheel tool locally to borrow or buy...
  89. Volkswagen simplicity
  90. Looking for a shop to build your project???
  91. Car Break In Warning
  92. Got myself something pretty...
  93. Winter Projects
  94. Car Pictures
  95. ummm opps
  96. Renting a fender roller!
  97. The new Civic Type-R
  98. Is $$$$$$$$ Closing?
  99. cable clutch problem
  100. Toyota FT-86 Concept to Deliver "Racecar-like" Handling
  101. Aftermarket Mazda sites
  102. Better late than never. BC Day drift/show photo gallery
  103. $$$$$$$$s ????
  104. Spoon Valve cover Colour question
  105. VW timing belt
  106. Where to get turbo rebuilt?
  107. Looking for ECU repair
  108. Need everyone advice Please
  109. Idle Problem... help
  110. Where to take my Acura for service?
  111. Chip burning needed
  112. Car broken into, Stolen parts
  113. More Break-ins and thefts...
  114. Detail
  115. For Those Of You That Missed the Coast Drift Show
  116. New car. Input?
  117. Recommend Me The Best Machinists in Victoria
  118. Dodge Circuit.
  119. Volksfest
  120. Dos and Don't of vehicles
  121. What the duece? Turbo howstuffworks
  122. Having Trouble With a non turbo 93' stealth. any one have any ecu i can borrow?
  123. Audio STOLEN FROM MY CAR!
  124. In Soviet Russia Supra all wheel drives you!
  125. Where to get turbo rebuilt?
  126. Koenigsegg buys Saab
  127. Anybody have a BMW code reader/CEL reset tool?
  128. where to buy stoners tarminator
  129. Platinum Shield Protection
  130. School me on 3M ClearBra, and what shops in town install it
  131. Incase you care...
  132. Roger Penske buys Saturn
  133. WTF
  134. Ken Block Gymkhana 2
  135. Dual Carb Tuning
  136. Engine hoist rental
  137. pics from Knox Mountain Hill Climb 2009. *56k, not a chance*
  138. Respect the van
  139. vehicle stolen please help
  140. Just a few pics of a small gathering of Mazdas...
  141. All Japanese Car Show at Gyro Park
  142. full flex pic of the truck
  143. peeek a boo
  144. Dyno Day
  145. Pinks All Out at Pacific Raceways
  146. Broken Windshield
  147. Sr20det parts
  149. Upholstery shop?
  150. Mazda2 Coming to Canada
  151. who does Wheel widening ?
  152. DYNO Results for the Haters - 443.47rwhp and 429.53lb ft of torque at 21psi.
  153. Whats your Favourite Hand Tool
  154. Black 350Z, black rims, billet grille, anyone know this car?
  155. Obama Orders Chevrolet and Dodge Out Of NASCAR
  156. Most amazing garage every {8min vid}
  157. Golden Gardens 2009 gallery
  158. 2009 Pontiac Solstice Coupe
  159. HELP me, need EG front lowering springs
  160. Thinking About Getting My First Diesel Truck. Need Some Advise!
  161. JDM Parts
  162. Pontiac G8 GT 6sp
  163. Holy Funk! Crazy miata
  164. Possible new motorplex coming to the island! We need your input!
  165. The Terrafugia Transition - first realistic plane/car?
  166. Need 4x100 wheels fir inspection asap
  167. Audi R2
  168. Anyone ever instal a speed limit defender?
  169. Private Insurance vs. ICBC?
  170. Genesis
  171. New Camaro in Vic!
  172. also a painting question
  173. lookin for 98 civic HB info
  174. Need Some Help.....
  175. Need Flex pipe welded
  176. Help-Car got stolen.
  177. Aston Martin One 77 :eek:
  178. Paint Question
  179. stoptech/powerslot rotors and Hawk HPS pads
  180. 2011 Suzuki Kizashi
  181. Alignment shop for aftermarket/specialty applications?
  182. 2010 Mazda 3
  183. Need a shop to remove my crank pully bolt.
  185. help
  186. DTP Cancelled for Vancouver
  187. SR20DET Dreams
  188. who here has a project still going or has started a project
  189. A hit & run worth reporting?
  190. getting my exhaust done
  191. 0-60 in 2.1 seconds?
  192. where can i buy a low profile jack?
  193. 100+ octane availability?
  194. my car ic piping like or dislike
  195. SPOTTED: Viper SRT-10
  196. Need shop space in Nanaimo?
  197. High comp pistons in my 13b
  198. where to repair defrost lines
  199. anyplace north island that can tune
  200. Need Help Diagnosing Problem
  201. Well, I finally bit the bullet...
  202. Leather Seat Stitching Repair
  203. Any place on Mid-Island that does fender rolling?
  204. President (soon to be) Barack Obama's New Daily Ride
  205. What manufactuer is this TPS Sensor From?
  206. Looking for towing between Surrey and Victoria
  207. Any place on the island that cleans injectors?
  208. Where the F^%@ are all the wand washes?!
  209. Fix It Again, Tony!
  210. 2010 Buick LaCrosse
  211. 2010 Kia Soul Sport
  212. Post your favourite race footage vids
  213. Top Ten Used Exotic Cars
  214. Some blasts from the past
  215. Valuied over 18000 from a inserence agent!!
  216. door adjustment 2008 civic
  217. Buying advice for 91 Civic
  218. Street racing haters will LOVE THIS VIDEO!!
  219. STi Grudge
  220. Ken Block Gymkhana Practice
  221. Rear ended, need body shop help
  222. GM Doesn't have enough cash to make it through a few months
  223. Need a hoist, tools, or a garage to wrench in?
  224. new to town, in need of a mechanic
  225. Project AWD CRX - Turbo DOHC ZC
  226. Any other soarer peeps on revscene???
  227. Drug home this hunk of junk!
  228. Stolen: Black 1989 Nissan 240sx.
  229. YSR Round Two
  230. Time for another project
  231. Bad cars to work on
  232. Progression of my 96 4 door Integra
  233. Progression of the '74 Super Beetle
  234. Progression of the Miata thread
  235. My car is painted now (PICS)
  236. bolt pattern guide
  237. The Progression of the mspeedP5 Turbo
  238. Island RS Members Rides
  239. Lets Just Talk About 4wd Turbo Celicas