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  1. Are there a lot of mid-20s Asian people in Victoria?
  2. Are you guys familiar with TaoBao.com
  3. Terror Attack in Australia? Driver Plows Vehicle into Pedestrians in Melbourne
  4. summitt energy
  5. Kevin O'Leary to enter Conservative leadership race
  6. Trudeau government considering a tax on Netflix and other streaming services
  7. YT Video shows Vancouver man living in a U-Haul storage locker, gets evicted
  8. Will schools/teachers be automated too?
  9. Splash Down to reopen as Big Splash
  10. Credit Karma Canada is live, get your free credit report!
  11. Sack of sh*t: Monty Robinson
  12. difference between one way and two way insurance?
  13. Giant Drive-through Redwood Felled by Storm :(
  14. Celebrating Canada's 150th Birthday
  15. Original Paintings
  16. CNC build Makerspace Nanaimo
  17. Property Assessment Notice- +36% increase
  18. Who else believes that sports is fixed?
  19. Your Year in Review Thread
  20. Property list price is way different from assessment value
  21. Another interesting year on the corner of Reece Ave & Williams St in Chilliwack
  22. Artificial Tree Recycling
  23. RIP Carrie Fisher
  24. Lady Gaga in Japan
  25. RIP George Micheal
  26. The Christmas Booty (not that kind) thread
  27. Generation Z'ers can't speak properly or coherently
  28. The Bestest Xmas Winter Season Songs List
  29. Thank you CRTC!!!!!
  30. Another Lamborghini and Ferrari crash by young Chinese drivers
  31. FREE Parks Canada Pass for 2017
  32. RIP Alan Thicke
  33. Secret Santa
  34. Jewelry insurance
  35. RS lost ones thread
  36. Crews rescue out-of-bounds skiers stranded overnight on Cypress Mountain
  37. Beware of this guy! Johnny Z
  38. For the bored and lonely
  39. Project Murphy - ask a "what if" question to generate picture
  40. V2V Vacations -- Vancouver to Victoria ferry service launching 2017
  41. Japan's SoftBank to invest $50 billion to US, creates 50,000 jobs after meeting Trump
  42. Amazon GO - making cashier obsolete?
  43. Snow's falling, cars crashing
  44. B.C. Liberals wants to hire photographer for Christy Clark photoshoot
  45. NDP wants ICBC to be audited for financial mess
  46. Friendly Reminder that VICTORIA SECRET FASHION SHOW is back
  47. Where to get Hong Kong Currency?
  48. Trudeau cabinet approves Trans Mountain, Line 3 pipelines, rejects Northern Gateway
  49. University vs College Sport Tournament?
  50. pothole damage experiences
  51. Powerball Lottery jackpot hits $403 million on US Thanksgiving.
  52. Elements casinos new E-sport lounge
  53. earthquake kits
  54. Are rev car meets still happening every thursdays and where?
  55. Hipster Nativity Scene
  56. 7.3 Magnitude earthquake just hit Fukushima Japan
  57. BC Powwow?
  58. BEWARE of John Zimmerman
  59. Black Friday 2016
  60. Thinking of working at Starbucks
  61. Time magazines 100 most influential photos
  62. Missing New Westminster mom Florence Leung found dead
  63. Apple Has Done It!
  64. Google Quick Draw
  65. Restaurant Furniture Places
  66. Self Clear courier(UPS/FEDEX etc.) packages?
  67. Real life trolls in Vancouver?
  68. Leonard Cohen 1934 - 2016
  69. Places to go/visit on the Sunshine Coast?
  70. ISO Garage To Build/ Work on vehicles
  71. 2 Students Injured in a stabbing at Abbotsford Secondary School
  72. Throwing dog poop in someone else's dumpster
  73. Chevron to stop taking More Rewards
  74. Data Sim Card for HK
  75. Coquitlam RCMP filmed dragging elderly man down stairs (VIDEO)
  76. Tow truck driving punk takes handicapped mans GTR for rip with friends.
  77. Police arrest “well known” man who allegedly jumped border on motorcycle
  78. The best country to travel to in 2017 Lonely Planet winner is?
  79. Extremely racist altercation over parking spot recorded in Abbotsford
  80. Signs that your phone is listening to you, even when in your pocket
  81. Vancouver road closures thread
  82. short term leave from work
  83. Left my keys in my car by accident... need advise
  84. The Vancouver school board is a F*%#@ Joke!
  85. Anyone bought office furniture?
  86. There you have it, Rabbit vs Tortoise
  87. Trip to dentist leaves Edmonton girl, 4, brain damaged, in pain
  88. Who is eligable for EI?
  89. Incident in Front of Honolulu Cafe
  90. Parking between the last meter spot and intersection
  91. Holy Shit, Sidney Crosby!! Tim Horton's Upper Deck Hockey Cards
  92. 2016 Blue Jays
  93. What website to view listings like this?
  94. UBC student charged with attempted murder. Woman's throat slit in West Mall residence
  95. Where do you all purchase your mattresses?
  96. Missing Japanese ESL student found dead
  97. Lululemons Half priced Brand new - would u buy?
  98. People whipping out their cameras and recording
  99. Lost dog in North Burnaby
  100. What should I do about...
  101. Shooting in Cascade Mall Burlington
  102. Moonbeam's Natural Gas Ban Plans
  103. UBC students pissed off re: pickup artist on campus
  104. A Little Help from RS Please
  105. Halloween
  106. http://www.decluttr.com/
  107. Adblock Plus now steals ad space from content creators
  108. Disturbing Home Invasion in East Van. Burglar faps in front of a sleeping lady.
  109. FortisBC raising gas price by 80%. W T MF F
  110. Creep Catchers - ghetto version of 'to catch a predator'
  111. 9/11 Anniversary 15 year Tribute
  112. Saanich Police issues a speeding ticket to a cyclist
  113. Official REVscene Hockey Pool 2016/2017
  114. Anyone ever deal with BC Hydro over billing issues?
  115. Education Thread
  116. Dogs released to bite pipeline protestors in the US
  117. Whats wrong with Vancouvers locksmiths?
  118. Are we paying too much tax?
  119. Announcement: FAIL button re-enabled
  120. minimum wage guys
  121. RIP Gene Wilder
  122. Pattullo Bridge to fully re-open Monday!
  123. Skytrain Assault Against Asians
  124. Thomas Candy in Japan
  125. Announcement: FAIL button disabled
  126. 2016 PNE
  127. Rugged Maniac 2017 - Only $39 until Sep 9, 2016
  128. Vandals use paint to ruin a brand new house in North Vancouver
  129. The Future of Energy
  130. activity in these forums
  131. Protesters riot & burn gas station, cars after officer shooting -Milwaukee
  132. Mail Couriers
  133. Woman-dies-following-nightclub-assault-on-granville-street
  134. RCMP foil terrorist plot in Strathroy, Ontario
  135. Genetic Engineering Will Change Everything Forever – CRISPR
  136. Scam or rascism... dashcam saves years of work down the drain.
  137. Car break in!!!
  138. 2016 Summer Olympics
  139. Laneway house Garage or No Garage
  140. What if Pokémon GO Ended the World? (Trailer)
  141. Skydiving without a chute
  142. North Korea declares war on the USA
  143. Road Trip? A pub in the middle of BC w/ 200+ Single Malts
  144. recommendation for garage door spring repair (burnaby/new west)
  145. Where to donate textbooks?
  146. BC Government to pay $2.2 million compensation for accident in Victoria
  147. Blocking Avatars ?
  148. Lulu Island Winery CEO got caught smuggling icewine into China
  149. Best place to buy RMB in Richmond
  150. Gregor Robertson's Mother-in-Law to be Executed for Corruption involving 1.7 trillion
  151. Video Project Test , What do you guys think?
  152. Who's this Revscener standing up for Pokemon Goers?
  153. Black Lives Matter Vancouver wants police float out of Pride parade
  154. Turkey Military Uprising
  155. The Official "Humanity Falling Apart" Thread
  156. Dozens run over and killed in France
  157. ACLU - Mobile Justice App
  158. Pokemon Go - Sweeping the nation?
  159. Any lawyers with charity & trust law experience
  160. Amber Alert - Taliyah Leigh Marsman
  161. Official Rio Olympics Thread
  162. Best storage locker deal in lower mainland?
  163. Engrish 101
  164. What to do when my employer does...
  165. 75% of Seniors have a chronic disease in Canada
  166. Dallas Police officers killed by Snipers
  167. Dallas 11 officers shot 4 killed
  168. my first youtube vid
  169. Has anyone planned a wedding before? I'm looking for input
  170. honeydew/sap from trees? Anybody else?
  171. Fixing broken connection inside a camera
  172. Canada Post Strike
  173. Sign shop
  174. Telepark?
  175. 50 Wounded in Cinema Shooting in Germany
  176. BREXIT - Results Thread!!!
  177. Fentanyl: The Drug Deadlier than Heroin
  178. Justin Trudeau goes to McDonald's for lunch
  179. Canada Day
  180. recommendations for vacuuming robot?
  181. Three levels of government attend opening of Microsoft facility in Vancouver
  182. Jun 18 weekend driving
  183. British MP stabbed and Shot
  184. Canadian Water Smuggler makes $60 USD per litre
  185. 'O Canada' overwhelmingly voted in favor to be gender neutral
  186. What Hell is Wrong with Florida???
  187. 2016 BC Lions
  188. Do LED Light Bulbs Last 10 Years?
  189. why is canada post so bad?
  190. Microsoft to acquire LinkedIn
  191. The Official 2016/2017 Canucks & NHL Thread
  192. Florida Nightclub shooting 50 Dead and 50+ injured
  193. How Long Does It Take To Get New Driver's License In The Mail?
  194. Canada Legalizes Oral Sex with Animals
  195. ICBC faces financial crisis
  196. Global BC's Chris Gailus named in sexual harassment case
  197. The Voice star Christina Grimmie Shot Dead at 22
  198. Pick and choose
  199. RIP Mr Hockey, Gordie Howe
  200. Man Tries To Kidnap A 13-year-old Girl At A Dollar General Store!
  201. R.I.P Kimbo
  202. commuting thread
  203. Propane refill?
  204. Muhammad Ali dead at age 74
  205. New Service in Vancouver is a cross between Uber and Carpool
  206. B.C. gas prices expected to go way up because of Fort Mac fire affecting production
  207. Mobility Pricing and all bridges tolled - Coming Soon
  208. good affordable camcorder for low light?
  209. RCMP tank
  210. PSA: VanSh*ttyBuzz is now DailyHive.com
  211. Billionaire Heir to 'Ferrari Man" charged with murder in LA.
  212. Man pays speeding tickets in 22,000 pennies
  213. Brawl breaks out in Costco parking lot Mississauga
  214. Canada Revenue Agency rapped for failing to shred mountain of hard copies
  215. Chinese detergent commercial deemed racist.
  216. China's Transit Elevated Bus rides above traffic.
  217. Is anyone's Telus internet faster now?
  218. Former McDonald's CEO dropping bombs about $15.00 Minimum Wage Across USA
  219. Obama told NHK (Japanese National Broadcaster) that he won't apologize for WWII
  220. Massive Fire in Saanich
  221. Western/Central Canada Road Trip Suggestions
  222. UPS package needs clearence
  223. Refusing parcel question
  224. Police question three people in bizarre incident. Naked Woman found inside a store.
  225. Vancouver city council denies Drai’s night club at Trump Tower for bar liquor licence
  226. Trudeau drops people's elbow on NDP MP in the House of Commons
  227. Here we go again..Airplane has gone missing
  228. First the Canadian Who takes the Bison, now this...
  229. Doctors perform first U.S. penis transplant
  230. list of electronic/tech shops that sell battery cases?
  231. any advice on how to repair bad credit?
  232. Vancouver in 1976
  233. ICBC VS Alberta
  234. New Distracted Driving Fines - June 1, 2016
  235. Lightest cigarettes available ???
  236. Chris Sowden thinks Fort McMurray should burn along with all the people in it.
  237. Love car modification. Any welding schools?
  238. High on the job, everyday. For 8 Years.
  239. Official Pizza Thread: "I just paid $8 for two slices of shitty pizza"
  240. Apple loses trademark fight over 'iPhone' name in China
  241. Fort Mac is Burning, entire city under evacuation order
  242. Headphones While Driving
  243. Weird flashing light every 4-5 minutes
  244. Film Industry Tax Credit Reduction
  245. How to build a BBQ for under $15
  246. Earls swiches to American beef
  247. LEGO Technic Lego set: Porsche 911 GT3 RS
  248. Best way to transfer money from ASIA?
  249. Eyedoctors in Richmond
  250. Just wondering if many people know much about/Or researched on the "Mandela Effect"??