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  1. Missing Shiba in Richmond
  2. Lf: East vancouver dog groomer
  3. PSA: Dog attack on SFU trails
  4. Need your prayers for Gizmo as he was attacked by a pitbull last night
  5. The time has come..
  6. Dog Fight
  7. Service to rent a dog to take hiking?
  8. Fostering
  9. Friends are forever
  10. New addition
  11. We decided it was time to grow the family
  12. LF: Dog walker/ doggy daycare
  13. Cleaning dogs teeth
  14. Red Ear Slider- Turtles as a (Pet)
  15. Quebec City to ban pit bulls
  16. Knowing When the time is right
  17. Looking to adopt/buy a puppy
  18. Teaching older dogs to not pee everywhere
  19. Woof and purr
  20. Central Park Animal Hospital
  21. Getting cats to be friends?
  22. Anyone know of a good Corgi breeder in Vancouver, BC?
  23. In Loving Memory...
  24. What did you do with your loved one?
  25. Looking for reputable dog vet for senior dog
  26. Small Animal Pets
  27. Cat eating house spiders
  28. New Member To My Fur Family
  29. Pets are great!!!
  30. Missing teacup maltese (richmond)
  31. LOST CAT - SFU Surrey area
  32. Needs a new home: Tropical Fish for adoption
  33. Petition to ban the sale of animals in pet stores in Burnaby
  34. Lets talk about raw food diet for dogs
  35. French Bulldog
  36. Tofu
  37. Humans... SMH
  38. Injection Site Sarcoma
  39. Taffy
  40. Ben
  41. cheapest place for pet supplies
  42. Help spread the word that Pets are Not Products
  43. Looking for a "labradoodle" breeder
  44. looking for a Welsh Corgi
  45. Can't Wait
  46. overnight kennel?
  47. Looking for golden retriever breeder
  48. WTF is wrong with people?
  49. microchipping a dog
  50. Animal Abuse?
  51. Dog Dental Service
  52. Friend's French Bulldog has Stage 4 Lymphoma
  53. Exotic Pets you'd like to own (no, seriously)
  54. Rabbit Specialized Vet?
  55. Any Pet insurance recommend
  56. Aggresive breed video from the dog whisperer
  57. Teeth cleaning
  58. Alaskan Klee Kai
  59. Puppy with seizures
  60. Dogs and Allergies
  61. Dog food
  62. Good dog places?
  63. Some Dog Owners
  65. help them doggies!
  66. Puppy Training
  67. where to buy/adopt dog (Corgi)
  68. Former sled dogs for adoption
  69. Muzzle?
  70. Diabetes
  71. anybody know the name of this animal?
  72. Rescued! Giant pussycat :)
  73. shock collar
  74. guide me on pets (dog)
  75. Dog hit by car on Knight and 56th (10/26/2013)
  76. LONG term pet boarding
  77. Any reputable toy poodle breeders?
  78. Supporting animal rescues?
  79. dog is limping
  80. Gandalf the Grey Squirrel
  81. puppy bites and jumps after walk, out of crate etc..
  82. Bird calls 911 and the offers the officers drugs
  83. for adoption
  85. R.I.P Uber Aug 2, 2004 - June 13 2013
  86. Just a dog...
  87. Collie
  88. Touching video
  89. red ear slider turtle question help!!
  90. red ear slider turtle question help!!
  91. Is this animal abuse?
  92. New pooch
  93. potty training a puppy
  94. red ear slider turtle question
  95. People who don't like dogs
  96. Cats Teeth Cleaning
  97. Ashleigh & Pudsey - BGT2012 Winners
  98. All amenity DIY dog wash - $5
  99. Check out these great dogs...
  100. Re-house training a dog
  101. black lump on my dog's eye
  102. Vet for cats?
  103. Dog Taxi Review
  104. New puppy owner, opinions/suggestions welcomed!
  105. Can you really love your pet that much?
  106. Pomeranian breeders?
  107. Aggressive dog training
  108. Preventive measures on small dogs
  109. ***Vote for Kobi!! $1 donated on your behalf~!!***
  110. dental care
  111. What breed should I get? Help me choose and tell me why.
  112. RIP Olliver..love and appreciate your pets!
  113. Proposed Maple Ridge bylaw to single out pit bulls
  114. Good vets in Vancouver
  115. Newbie pet question (owning a canine friend)
  116. Free: German Shepherd to a great home
  117. Anyone want a mostly full bag of dog food?
  118. Beach, anyone?
  119. Minnie :(
  120. ** super cute pomeranian ** PLEASE SUPPORT!! :)
  121. Obedience classes
  122. What area can dogs go at whiterock beach
  123. Acana Dog Food
  124. Finding time for a dog
  125. Pet insurance
  126. Anyone's dog do nosework?
  127. My dog needs surgery; can anyone vouch for this vet?
  128. Canada West Veterinary Specialists
  129. Short-notice dog park meet?
  130. The Rainbow Bridge.
  131. Post a pic of your Pet!
  132. Atlas 24 hour animal hospital WTF
  133. Maybe taking in a rescue!
  134. Help with potential rescued dog adoption
  135. Multi-day Dogsitting
  136. Sleeping with your pets?
  137. Pet Lovers: Any thoughts on this?
  138. Potty training a 4 year old dog?
  139. Reptile owners?
  140. minpin chasing and nipping strangers
  141. Anyone here DNA their pets?
  142. German Shepherd puppy
  143. Best place to bring your dog to the Vet?
  144. My dog needs to get spayed!
  145. Any fish hobbyist on here?
  146. Helping Me Choosing a Breed
  147. Do you buy gifts for your pet for xmas?
  148. Pets across borders
  149. FS: gift cert for cat boarding
  150. Dog wont eat
  151. Where to buy puppies?
  152. Sweet Dreams...
  153. Ant Farm + Scorpion
  154. pitbulls
  155. Where to purchase a dog houes
  156. Meet Axl!
  157. Guinea Pigs
  158. Cat leaving damp spots (drool? Sweat?)
  159. Doggy tooth brush which one?
  160. New dog... finally!!!
  161. Sprained back leg?
  162. Just got a puppy! Need some help! =)
  163. Daaaawww Thread
  164. Major petstore in lower mainland?
  165. Good Read - Hybrid vs. Purebred dogs
  166. Dog license mandatory?
  167. Pet Insurance
  168. Guinea Pig Breeder/Pet Store in Vancouver Area
  169. My dog has gone completely deaf...
  170. Good little video
  171. Dog Walk/Meet
  172. Aggressive dogs
  173. Dog friendly shop?
  174. Why do dogs like to pee on carpets?
  175. Dog help?
  176. Corals
  177. Lets talk about raw food diet for dogs
  178. i need some advice.
  179. Dog seat belt
  180. Dachshund Information
  181. Shots for Puppies
  182. Cheap pet groomers
  183. stop scratching?
  184. Someone to Clean Fish Tank
  185. offleash dog beaches
  186. Missing Cat
  187. Anyone have any experience with having dangerous animal impounded?
  188. Do animal control people got authority for pet owners ID?
  189. Any Corgi owners out there?
  190. Dog in YVR
  191. What breed of dog is "angry puppy"?
  192. Pet insurance
  193. Rabbit as pet
  194. About to get a dog...
  195. Bluenose pitbull breeder
  196. Cheapest place to take your dog/cat for dental cleaning?
  197. Requirements to take dog over US border?
  198. Reccomendations to a good vet in Coquitlam?
  199. my dog barks = bitchy neighbour
  200. Pets vs. Stratas
  201. Hip Dysplasia Wintons Joint System
  202. Recommend a dog jacket
  203. agility classes
  204. Eyelid Surgery, how much?
  205. Is my dog's behavior normal?
  206. good vets in vancouver?
  207. What would you want taught in a dog obedience class
  208. French Bulldog tips/breeder.
  209. Cat groomers?
  210. Where can I find turtles?
  211. any suggestions and advice?
  212. dog groomin suggestions
  213. Lizards Thread
  214. Looking for a Morkie Breeder
  215. New Year New Trick
  216. Saltwater fishkeeping.
  217. "Dog Training" Video all over facebook
  218. Gander, WW2 Hero Dog
  219. How to turn your dog back into a puppy :)
  220. SNOW DOGS!!
  221. Free to good home: 2 Bengal cats
  222. Fish for 30 gal
  223. rip milo
  224. 3 yr old dog trouble jumping and running
  225. What is Fido getting for Christmas ??
  226. So I had to put my dog to sleep yesterday
  227. DOg insurance
  228. Puppy Tips
  229. Putting A Dog Down
  230. Eat, dog, poop...
  231. Dog has bad breath!!!
  232. Raw diet
  233. Where to put dog shit
  234. LF blue nose pitbull!
  235. Does this seem legit?
  236. Engraved dog paw prints
  237. turtle filtration help
  238. Therapy Dogs
  239. Cesar Milan at Richmond Bosley's
  240. Travel the World Dog Show
  241. Want a new doggy!
  242. where to buy CHEAP cat litter ?
  243. Does anyone know where to get this?
  244. Need the communities help to catch this scum
  245. Want to buy a Pembroke Welsh Corgi, please help!
  246. Looking for a Xolo or crested.
  247. Yet another atlas complaint
  248. help find dog boarding kennels
  249. Ban puppy sale in richmond pet stores?
  250. omg dog got skunk-ed