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  1. Auto Transmission spitting out error code P0797
  2. Transmission crapped out: 2002 Protege 5
  3. Auto to manual transmission swap question
  4. Diff Flush
  5. Timing Belt Replacement & Freon Recharge
  6. HKS or Motul Synthetic Oils
  7. Stiffer exhaust rubber hangers
  8. Hard to shift into gear
  9. Best place to buy a honda engine?
  10. Best Honda mechanic shop in lower mainland?
  11. Mitchell on Demand
  12. P0136 CEL 240sx, need help!
  13. Will this battery fit into a 2003 BMW X5?
  14. Waterless Coolant?
  15. Leaking Coolant! Help please
  16. Just at the point to fail air care...only a little
  17. 93 civic no start
  18. Headgasket Identification
  19. Failed Air Care. Help please!
  20. air intake resonator
  21. 2006 Hyundai Accent P0450 Engine Code help fixing
  22. Spark Plugs
  23. coolant reservoir levels question
  24. Car wont start, need insight... help!!
  25. bushing deflection
  26. Recommend a good battery to replace my OEM
  27. Intermittent Cyl4 Misfire
  28. Ford Technician
  29. Car lift and tools rental
  30. question about air intakes
  31. Loose Axle Bearing Tripod
  32. Cold Air Intake Install
  33. Car battery reads 0 volts, and will not charge. Did my battery die??
  34. Honda clutch replacement
  35. HELP!!!
  36. Mazda3 making a loud noise when backing up.
  37. Dizzy rebuild shops??
  38. Igniter (ICM)
  39. Engine help needed...
  40. Canada-wide JDM VIN check available?
  41. Servicing
  42. '05 Blazer stalling on start up
  43. any good OBD II readers that allow you to plug your laptop in?
  44. Need help diagnosing 1990 ef hatch problem
  45. Tune up for diesel trucks
  46. Amuse R1 Titan GRB STI
  47. Very sudden brakeline leakage, brakes hardly work 99-03 TL please help.
  48. Need help with timing chain k20 engines!
  49. LF: Engine Swap Shop
  50. throttle bogging/hesitating problem
  51. Help with this Engine component... 2000 Honda Prelude
  52. yonaka intermediate shaft
  53. Experience with obd readers on phones
  54. Good exhaust shop?
  55. Buying USED parts from the US?
  56. Protege needs new exhaust
  57. MB Win Your Service Event
  58. Timecert's
  59. Where to buy oil crush washers for oil changes
  60. Motive Brake Bleeder
  61. Good place locally to buy aftermarket VW parts?
  62. Recommended shops for MB maintenance
  63. Local Axle Rebuilders?
  64. 2006 325i bad mpg
  65. Need help with getting into my car!
  66. Spec clutches
  67. 2006 325i making a wierd grinding nose
  68. Ran Over a Plastic Bag. Stuck..?
  69. '05 Blazer 4x4 issue
  70. Shuddering on my MK4 Jetta 1.8T
  71. All of a sudden feel the bumps.
  72. Brake Fluid Change?
  73. 3Rd Gear Grind At High RMPS
  74. I need a mechanic that knows his bmws - 2006 325i
  75. The vanishing oil trick....Whaa?
  76. tips on a mk4 vr6 tranny removal?:)...5spd..
  77. Symptoms of a failing Clutch Master Cylinder/Slave?
  78. Digital LCD rpm gauge
  80. Weird clutch grinding noise
  81. Head gasket or bad gas
  82. Buying oil from oil change place
  83. Transmission Code Reader
  84. Odyssey battery question for civic eg
  85. Center Console very hot
  86. Helppp! Need a Used Engine for my EG
  87. *click sound when pushing on clutch
  88. E36 M52 Help Needed
  89. A/C is cold but not freezing cold
  90. Fuel Efficiency got worse
  91. 400 clicks on 80L tank 03 sienna..
  92. Cold air intake in Vancouver weather useful?
  93. HELP! 2007 Lincoln MKX AWD Transmission Problem
  94. 1999 accord key doesn't turn over ignition
  95. Anyone have a timing light i can use?
  96. A possible belt problem?
  97. mod for better gas mileage
  98. ek auto-manual shifter plate
  99. d16z6 throttle on d16y8 intake
  100. Clutch dead? Master cylinder issue? help!
  101. Looking for Toyota Echo B1S2 help
  102. BMW tech available to diagnose issue with a 99 323i?
  103. Need help: EG won't start
  104. Provincial vehicle inspection question
  105. Battery cable split
  106. Review: Richardson Radiator and Air Conditioning Services
  107. new here, need some help with my CL65
  108. help! does anyone have an ob2 reader i can borrow!
  109. '96 Camry Stall and Hissing Problem
  110. Who repairs Chinese atvs locally
  111. what mtf do you run?
  112. Help: Exhaust valve change .. problems!!
  113. drain and refill tranny oil or complete flush.?
  114. who does Injector Flow matching?
  115. Abnormal Bucking/Jerking under Partial Throttle
  116. installing tranny cooler in manual trans?
  117. 1999 integra running rich
  118. Fender Roller??
  119. just bought 06 mazda3 ..needs reputable/honest autobody (and fuel injectors cleaned?)
  120. Dented exhaust
  121. Acura shop
  122. Electric shortage...car wont start/crank
  123. [Good Deal???] $38 Synthetic Oil Change + 80 Pt Inspection + Tire Rotation
  124. need quote for potential oil pan leakage
  125. reliable place for flywheel resurfacing
  126. Battery Discharged after storage
  127. Head rebuild shops
  128. Vag com
  129. Heater fan issues
  130. 25.5 supra ugrade cage 4130
  131. Need help diagnosing car- cranks but doesn't fire
  132. Need your Input/ Help - Car Problem
  133. Altrom/Ultra 8 parts
  134. car wont start!:(
  135. Need help diagnosing Civic engine
  136. maintenance/oil change
  137. starting system/charging system
  138. Place to get car scanned?
  139. Shaking and Rattling :@
  140. RPM when starting a car
  141. 1997 honda prelude,anyone install/rebuild/or used transmission,asap?
  142. aluminum welder
  143. NEED HELP with my RB20DET ASAP
  144. Can i use copper RTV for manifold gasket?
  145. 07 Yaris w/ immobilizer wont start - HELP
  146. Richmond Suzuki Oil Change Deal: $15
  147. Mini Richmond review
  148. are Prestone Super Radiator Flush any good?
  149. Air Conditioning repair shop recommendations?
  150. Need a Good Exhaust Shop.
  151. Looking for a Trustworthy Garage
  152. 2000 Dodge Caravan Battery Won't Hold a Charge
  153. Shop in Van with a gas analyzer to adjust carb
  154. Hows my sparkplugs look, *warning big ass pic*
  155. oil change
  156. Insufficient EGR Flow
  157. Exhaust welds
  158. 1992 Mazda MPV - Wont Start
  159. 2010 Cadillac DTS preformance upgrade
  160. Question regards to Acura TSX 'Check Emission System'
  161. Mazdaspeed6 2nd Gear Synchro Rebuild? Re&Re Cost?
  162. CR-V eating distros?
  163. Need Help with 1999 Civic Si Header Install
  164. Misfiring under accel
  165. header wrap... good or bad
  166. Fully built golden eagle motor sitting for 6 years?
  167. using wrong pcv valve? problem?
  168. Pre purchase inspection + compression / leakdown test open later?
  169. Washington Emissions Versus Aircare
  170. Nissan 240sx Engine light on: code P1445
  171. Best Oil Brand?
  172. Is being charged $130 for an oil change too much?
  173. Vacuum pump for oil change on Mercedes (W204)????
  174. Where's a good place to re-man an alternator?
  175. air jordan 3 is usually outstanding
  176. Valve adjustment for vtec motor
  177. Mercedes Services
  178. Whats the better motor
  179. Place to perform leak-down test.
  180. Air filter oil
  181. Looking for a good and well priced diff shop
  182. motul oil
  183. Engine KNOCK? what is this.
  184. Anyone changed a Isuzu / Nissan pickup steering gearbox?
  185. question about rust
  186. Reverse gear grinding and slipping
  187. Will pay to borrow an OBD2 scanner
  188. Carbon Deposits wtf
  189. 92 S13 HB Clutch replacement
  190. Protege 5 Catalytic Converter
  191. Synthetic Oil Q
  192. Looking for an angled defouler
  193. $15 oil change with car wash at Richmond Subaru??
  194. noise from power steering unit, need flush or new unit
  195. Do you guys warm up your cars?
  196. possible dying battery?
  197. Question about changing serpentine belt on K20 engine
  198. Need to get flex pipe replaced on my race header, where should I go?
  199. Approximate Price for Repairing a 1999 Civic 5spd transmission?
  200. Engine stutter / vibrating on cold start
  201. bolt broken off, now what??
  202. Change gears with button. Possible?
  203. O2 simulator / spacer
  204. Lubro Moly and Mann filter
  205. low idle/car dies
  206. What is the best oil engine treatment to use?
  207. car making some weird noises
  208. Spark plug advise
  209. Swapping an OEM 2003 Acura 3.2TL automatic tranny for a non-faulty automatic tranny
  210. Need help with car!!
  211. Clicking noise when making tight turns
  212. Help with Acura 1.7 EL
  213. pr3-2 head. what head is this
  214. 2000 Accord 4Cyl Transmission Busted
  215. inline four (IL4) pistons
  216. Stock sounding with header?
  217. Rough idle when defroster is turned on
  218. When to service vehicle?
  219. s13 blacktop stalling at idle
  220. Exhaust installation cost
  221. installing new 12 volt battery, lights still won't come on
  222. Prelude help
  223. terrible fuel mileage
  224. Looking for a Mechanic
  225. O2 sensor install - how much?
  226. Anyone have Ford diagnostic tool/software?
  227. CEL turned off. Problem solved?
  228. starting issues
  229. P0401 Code - Port Plugs
  230. Diagnose a problem?
  231. steering wheel makes noise while turning
  232. key stuck in ignition
  233. P0401 egr cleaning - Port Plugs
  234. Soarer VVT-i, possible?
  235. Where does everyone get their car's oil change done?
  236. engine light
  237. acura honda transmission
  238. can i mix oils? and also why the heck is there no 5w40 mobil one sythetic??
  239. Fitting Universal Catalytic Converter?
  240. Looking for a Volvo Mechanic - Lambda Light
  241. JDM Catalytic Converter
  242. Coolant leak
  243. s2000 idle at 3000rpm
  244. rb25 into 240
  245. Key Jam 2003 Honda Civic Si
  246. 1997 acura 3.0cl transmission
  247. cold weather, car won't hold idle
  248. Leaking a large amount of oil
  249. BTBNT supply prada 2010 Leather Handbags On Sale 22066sl Deep Blue fine mille
  250. Recommend me a Mechanic near Metrotown