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  1. Dilemma: Please Chime In, RS!
  2. dating/meeting in 2016
  3. This video summarized all the comments here for the past 10 yrs
  4. 36 question you could ask to fall in love.
  6. School a Newbie
  7. I need advice, please: Is it my place to say something?
  8. Being a CBC I find this so true!
  9. Reception and Ceremony Venues Advice
  10. Advice Please
  11. chinese style blind date
  12. Valentines day gift ideas
  13. [Confidential] Please give me your thoughts and advice
  14. [Confidential] Sponsoring a GF for permanent residency status
  15. [Confidential] My S.O. is ALWAYS on their cell!
  16. Drugs & Relationships
  17. Calling vs Texting
  18. [Confidential] Want to pick your man brains out there
  19. Secret unusual dating spots
  20. Break it off?
  21. Engagement Ring Buying Advice
  22. Is this "normal" behaviour in your opinion?
  23. [Confidential] Do I stick with her or break it off?
  24. [Confidential] Would you hook up with a girl who's been "around"
  25. [Confidential] how do i initiate first contact after scarring the ex girlfriend
  26. Engagement finger.. which is it??
  27. parents
  28. [Confidential] Friend's sister
  29. [Confidential] Sensitive advice
  30. dating /pickup.coaches
  31. Destination Weddings - Hawaii
  32. How has divorce affected your life?
  33. Dear single dudes - it's time to man up
  34. [Confidential] 10 Years and no proposal yet, am I being pulled along
  35. flower delivery?
  36. [Confidential] How to follow up when a girl says yes?
  37. Relationship forum moved back, is still ad-free
  38. Male Yeast Infection
  39. [Confidential] Topic: How do I get her back?
  40. [Confidential] How hard is it to get over your other half's past.
  41. Divorce - BC Law
  42. Seeking help from a counsellor. serious replies only please
  43. Anyone date someone TWICE before?
  44. guys who live at home
  45. Are their any psychologists on here who work with eating disorders?
  46. Dating vegetarians
  47. Asian Cougars in Vancouver?
  48. Girl doesn't like me watching porn
  49. Secret Sanata gift ideas ??
  50. high educated successful girls do you bother
  51. What not to look for in wife / keeper material
  52. Single vs Being "Alone" / Rushed Relationship (MY STORY)(LONG READ)
  53. Some Advice Needed
  54. illegal to sex in.car
  55. Ultimate cuddle mattress!
  56. Christmas Events 2013 with the SO
  57. Whats more important: The Journey or the Destination?
  58. Official "What to get her" Christmas Thread
  59. [Confidential] Classic rebound case? Or a chance to salvage in the future
  60. [Confidential] How old is too old to be a virgin?
  61. What is romantic to guys?
  62. Girl rustled after I told her I'm going drinking with friends instead
  63. hey guys
  64. Yacht Rental For A Night
  65. Changing the thought process
  66. Food Show @ Tradex
  67. 10 Qualities That Make You a Fierce Gentleman
  68. [Mature discussion only] Can non-athletic guys attract athletic girls?
  69. Missed Connections stories - Vancouver or others
  70. The 100 Things Every 20-Something Needs To Realize
  71. yet another "birthday ideas" thread
  72. She returned the engagement ring
  73. How to be a MAN
  74. [MATURE DISCUSSION] First date ideas
  75. ppl who date out of their culture cant find their own =true
  76. Good places to print out wedding invitations??
  77. Uncommon Things Men Find Attractive About Women
  78. the last date you went on
  79. You Should Date An Illiterate Girl...
  80. Brithday Surprise
  81. [Confidential] 3yrs, 7months, new girl. I still miss her.
  82. dumb arguments in relationships
  83. [Confidential] Are one night stands common?
  84. Passion and drive. Do you?
  85. Online dating = ??
  86. [Confidential] Opinion on this girl and my situation
  87. Where to take your SO *Events 411*
  88. [Confidential] Girlfriend cheated, trying to hide it
  89. [Confidential] Cosigning a loan for a GF
  90. Partially Open, Open, and Polyamorous Relationships.
  91. asian girls who only date asian guys or prefer-met them
  92. Don't know what to do
  93. [Confidential] Getting married at a young age
  94. [Confidential] Career/Life Advice
  95. Anyone experienced "giving out but not recieving appreciation" before?
  96. How important is it to be good in bed? (Serious Discussion)
  97. I Screwed Up... Big
  98. [Confidential] What can you do in the case of a divorce?
  99. working towards love?
  100. half naked girl on my bed and i backed out
  101. dating a depressed girl- do they ever change
  102. [Mature Discussion] Need relationship advice..
  103. Help please! Forgot anniv.. Need date activities for March 23rd, 2013!
  104. [Confidential] Want to end on good terms
  105. Female Drunkness and Memory
  106. [Confidential] Should I tell her?
  107. [Confidential] What should I do?
  108. making sex better
  109. Sharing Best Practices (relationships)
  110. Why she like this? Manipulative , flakey...
  111. General Opinion on feelings lost
  112. Night Spots
  113. Has anybody ever done this?
  114. Valentine's Day-lemma.
  115. Should I? Or shouln't I?
  116. [Confidential] Cheated on the GF
  117. [Confidential] Engagement Ring Advice?
  118. Anyone have success finding a F for a MF relationship?
  119. Taboo sex show
  120. The Wrong Impressions: What To Do?
  121. Valentines 2013
  122. [Confidential] Insight into my relationship?
  123. Would you say something?
  124. [Confidential] Love is way too difficult sometimes
  125. [Confidential] What is the meaning of this relationship?
  126. [Confidential] Avoiding the friend zone
  127. My girlfriend realised i wear foundation!
  128. how do you deal with silence treatment from gf or wife.
  129. Manipulative girl want free dinner
  130. Internet altered modern romance
  131. The Power of Introverts
  132. Christmas Help!
  133. What would you bring le gf during exam periods?
  134. Hard time meeting new people and making new friends. Advises?
  135. [Confidential] Yeast Infections.
  136. local custom jeweller
  137. Perfect stocking stuffer for the GF/Wife
  138. Romantic places to go at night?
  139. Calling people.
  140. Is it a self esteem issue?
  141. Becoming better friends..
  142. [Confidential] How important is sex? (Mature discussion only. NSFW dialog)
  143. Do you actually know what you love about your girlfriend?
  144. Seeing girl/dinner with ex? advice??
  145. no-reply tolerance
  146. where to find significant other?
  147. How Many Have You Loved? One or Many?
  148. 30-45 year guy who have trouble getting gf-why
  149. relationship cliches
  150. gender bender
  151. divorce and chinese culture
  152. Need girl's opinion: Obsessed with how long sex lasts and making her orgasm
  153. [Confidential] Ex-Gf Trying Hard to Fit In With My Circle of Friends
  154. family, stuck in middle
  155. Engagement ring Q. How am I going to surprise my gf and still get a ring that fits?
  156. Easy Direct Game Guide: Keep It Stupid Simple
  157. [Confidential] Bored with sex
  158. How to convince your parents to get rid of their old cars?
  159. [Confidential] Falling for them TOO fast
  160. "The End of Men" - How relevant north of the border?
  161. Male minds
  162. An EX that has made it their mission to ruin my life
  163. some good tips
  164. Is cheating a deal breaker for you, instantly?
  165. Help!!! Where to buy Couples' Rings?
  166. [Confidential] Falling for your friend
  167. Jealousy
  168. [Confidential] Finding the girl of your dreams
  169. [Confidential] Buddy's ex wants a FWB with me
  170. Help with siblings divorce
  171. Working out with your bf/gf
  172. Rare snake-like amphibian gaining attention due to penis-like appearance
  173. The 'problem' with nice guys
  174. Need something fun to do with your significant other? Look here!
  175. is it possible to get a girlfriend in college when you don't have a job?
  176. CONFIDENTIAL: friend that's been all up in my grill lately
  177. [Confidential] Want my own life too
  178. [Confidential] Did I blow my chance?
  179. [Confidential] Asking a best friend's friend out
  180. [Confidential] Initiating Sex
  181. Ex Gf Friends with Benefits
  182. Relationship with someone you're not attracted to physically?
  183. [Confidential] Need advice
  184. Sex: What to expect
  185. [Confidential] Have you ever jacked off with another guy?
  186. 30+ guys, what have you noticed about dating?
  187. Optimism Thread: Why being single is AWESOME! Post here
  188. question about meeting somone
  189. /b/ gives some advice you can use
  190. living situations owning/renting
  191. [Confidential] What can I do to salvage my relationship with her?
  192. [Confidential] Ever yelled at your significant other in front of your friends?
  193. asking someone to marry you.........
  194. [Confidential] Starting a long term relationship
  195. Dealing with a friend who is Bi-Polar
  196. Fun and Unique Date Ideas
  197. new tricks for you!
  198. [Confidential] a question for members who are maried.
  199. What should i say. PLEASE help
  200. Cyclical Relationships
  201. buying condoms discreetly
  202. How to deal with constant fighting?
  203. Getting over a girl
  204. Dating is not required to get sex at all anymore
  205. Opinions wanted on girl friend moving in..
  206. Ask Someone Who Completed "No Fap May" Anything
  207. [Confidential] Girlfriend becoming friends with buddies girlfriends
  208. [Confidential] I want her back but is it too late?
  209. Trust
  210. Engagement gift
  211. No Matter What...
  212. [Confidential] Give him another second chance?
  213. How Important Is Sex In A Relationship?
  214. Prom
  215. Shit My S/O Says
  216. how much time do you give them after breaking up?
  217. The most messed up dating sitaution I've ever seen
  218. [Confidential] Mixed messages
  219. [Confidential] Can't start moving on
  220. [Confidential] How to deal with sister problems
  221. Invited to the wedding but not the reception
  222. what is the nicest way to ask ur ex for sex!?
  223. [Confidential] The girl's ex is trying to get back with her
  224. How did you two meet?
  225. Who pays?
  226. Whois right? Whois Wrong?
  227. Dating outside your race
  228. Is it worth it? *mature responses please?*
  229. Tell my poor weak soul friend to stop *R U KIDDING*
  230. [Confidential] Cant get any women
  231. "Is it ok to take my date to McDonalds?"
  232. confused to what position we are in.
  233. thoughts on this situation?
  234. A friend.
  235. [Confidential] A good girlfriend that I've known for 10+ years...
  236. [Confidential] No physical intimacy, what to do?
  237. [Confidential] Will I really regret not going to prom?
  238. Best Condom Brand?
  239. Tricky situation...salvagable?
  240. engagement ring - besides a diamond
  241. need help fast!
  242. Women, what makes this okay?
  243. [Confidential] Are things going too fast?
  244. [Confidential] How do I make it up to her?
  245. astrology matches
  246. [Confidential] How do I ask her out?
  247. Friendzone, put yourself in the other persons shoes
  248. [Confidential] The breaking point
  249. Friend is threatening suicide. Anyone have any insight?
  250. My friend is a drug addict, what should I do